Sec.30 8N 4W McClain Co

Does anyone have any info on Sec 30 8N 4W ,in McClain County…there were prior orders approved to drill a couple of wells ,but that has not happened or not aware of it happening. My question though is that my lease is over near the end of September and I have a clause that unless actual drilling begins the lease would end after a 3 years timeframe. Not really in a hurry to get it leased again, but wonder what happens ,at this point, where a lease ends and a company has approval to drill. I assume they wouldn’t drill unless all properties are leased or leased again ? Your thoughts on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick Buscemi

Depends upon which half of 30/31 you have acreage in.

EOG had filed cases in 2021 for the West half and Warwick-Minerva filed cases for the East half. EOG filed permits for three Trident wells. The permits had been extended for a six month period from 9/11/21. That period has elapsed.

Warwick-Minerva completed their poolings for the east half in Oct 2021 and the west half in Feb 2022. Their first well was called Beginnings 0804-30-31 1MHX in the east half. The surface location was in 6-07N-04W. It was completed in February 2021. They just had a new well location in the west half approved in June 2022. Time will tell on when they file the new permit.

Thanks for your response. Does a company notify the lease owners when they drill and if that drilling was successful or not? I’ve never received communication.

I do believe the property, I own the mineral rights, is mostly in the West on Sec.30 8N 4W, but think it might go into 4E for a small area ?? If the mineral rights go into 4E does that hold the current lease contract in force by the fact that they drilled on a portion of the land even if it is a small part of the area ?

What might be the next steps in determining if I have a mineral rights contract that will/has expired or mineral rights that can be leased again ?

Thanks, again Rick Buscemi

The company will not notify you that a well has spud since that data is available on the OCC website and it is up to the mineral owner to keep track of their own information.
Test. Use the surface location to look up the wells.

If you signed a lease and you did not specify a breakout, then it will hold both the west half and the east half. Your lease already expired. It was dated August 19, 2019. Since Warwick-Minerva already pooled in February, you may get the option to lease again. You might want to contact them. Ask for 1/4th since they have filed a bunch of leases already at 1/4th. The other leasing agents in the section are Feather Creek Resources, Warwick Jupiter, Red Sky Resources, Dry Creek Operating, Plainview Oil Company . Get an attorney to look at your lease.
it needs a few tweaks to protect you more.

Thanks again for your input. Rick Buscemi