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Brenda - no activity in either section right now. Clayton Williams permitted a horizontal well across the north-half of section 206 in 2014 but it wasn't drilled. There are numerous permits and wells in all directions from these tracts, though. It's a good area.


What about Sec 265 Blk 13 H&GN compared to Sec 206 and 271?

Can I expect to get similar bonus offers for all these three areas?


Brenda, my SWD is near there in Blk 13, Sec 182 and Primexx, Noble Permian, Cimerex, Centenial, Oxy, Brigham, Diamondback, Parsley, and even Apache are building lease produced water pipeline networks to transport produced water to disposal all over that area. You can expect

increased drilling activity in that area....and emphasis on quad or octal

clusters of horizontal wells on each pad. Look at the Jalapeno quad well of Noble Permian to see the trend.

Yes, you can expect many more bonus offers in that area.

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen



my cousins have received bonus amounts of 10k to 12k per acre for lease extensions within Section 265 Block 13.

Section 265 is on this year drilling schedule. Things are moving.

As Lawrence has said, things are about to pop!

Get a lawyer to go over your lease. This is a multilevel oil and gas field.



I'm negotiating a lease in Section 265. I'm being told this is for Colgate Operating. Whose drilling schedule is 265 on for this year?




Concho Resources.

The entity you are dealing with is probably linked or associated with Concho

but I do not have an overview. Lawrence and others who know the industry may be able to explain how it is all structured and how business is conducted.

Good Luck.


Concho recently sold a package of its Reeves County assets outside of its core to Colgate Energy Partners II. Assignment recorded in January and it looks like it includes working interests in Block 13. Most likely it also includes all of Concho's leases in Block 13 as well. You can always ask the landman. Colgate has permits in City of Pecos and surrounding area.



Thank You. Will share news with my cousins.


Thanks Lynn and TennisDaze.

I just found out over the weekend that I have mineral interests in Section 265. I'm now wondering what the situation may have been for the last several years about past leasing activity. How this was leased, if at all. This is part of Block 9, H&GN Survey, Block 13, Section 265, Toyah Valley Grape and Alfalfa Company Subdivision.



Your legal description can only have one block number. Do you mean Lot #9?



It may be Lot 9, I was told Block 9. I think there are multiple "blocks" in this section because of the way the section was divided in the early 1900's and the way it came out of bankruptcy around 1913. I understand the confusion, but from what I understand about this section it has been confusing for over 100 years. But the minerals are in H&GN Survey, Block 13, Section 265.



Apologies if I’m posting on an incorrect thread. I’ve been a lurker for a little while but this is my first post/question. My family has property in reeves county - section 36, block 2. We have a current lease with Energen and they have proposed but stalled on the possibility of another well. I’ve received numerous unsolicited offers for buying my minerals outright or even just a percentage...curious if this means more permits coming or if this is just a standard thing. Anyone that can point me in the right direction as far as research on permits or activity in this area would be much appreciated. Thanks! Jennifer


Sections 206 and 270 Block 13 H&GN Survey - I've been receiving bonus offers, but they are not as high as Section 265 Block H&GN Should I wait

until the bonus offers go up before I accept?


Jennifer T 67

I see where Energen has 2 approved permits for Section 36 from back in 2017 but they apparently haven't been drilled. There are some good Wolfcamp wells in the surrounding area. At this time I see no new permits in this immediate area. I also see where there are numerous approved permits dating back to 2015 for wells in the area that were never ever drilled.

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 36/Block 2:


Clint Liles


Clint - many thanks! The permits dated for last year make sense - Energen contacted use about a well last summer and then said they were pushing back plans for this year. Hoping they want to drill soon! I appreciate the help!


Sendero opens gas plant in Loving, plans to expand in Permian Basin

New capacity in Reeves and Loving


Jennifer T 67 and Clint,

that block 36 is sitting right on top of my property. I am Blk 55 Sec 8 T 4 and I am also leased to Energen. Looks like we are in a great area...

Also, Clint could you post a larger picture of Blk 55, Sec 8 T4 that includes a lot of the surrounding more acreage to be able to see a lot more of the drilling and permitting for the area. Thanks to all.

Appreciate all the help,



Good Morning Louise. Here's that map you requested.

Reeves County Section 8/Block 55 T4S(Township 4 South)


Clint Liles



thank you so much for the picture, I love it. Sure is a pretty picture with all the wells all around. You did a great job, as usual. Thank you for all you do for all of us on the forum. We would be lost without you.



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Be advised Clayton Williams, who recently sold all his equipment and holdings for 7.5 Billion bucks to Noble Permian, has land men in Culberson county purchasing land both north and south of IH-10.

He will be developing that county with quad and octal horizontal well

clusters on locations there and building his own gathering and refining

networks there.

////////////////ol' Lawrence in Verhalen................