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These are very good wells shut in.


A sell ??


JM Wilson.....The Railroad Commission has lease ALLOWABLES for production. When a well reaches its allowable production for the month,

it has to be shut in by law until the next month when it has production

allowable allocation to fill.

Also, some wells have exceeded their time they are allowed to flare gas

as they wait for the well to be tied into infrastructure gas and oil gathering lines which are not finished yet in many areas of Loving, Reeves, Ward, Pecos, and Culberson counties.

There are over 1800 DUC wells in the Delaware basin west of the Pecos

River. DUC....Drilled, but UnCompleted. It's NOT a Conspiracy Theory...

it's the legal wheels turning slow at the Railroad Commission.

ol' Lawrence in Verhalen


Oh, yeah....DUC wells can be used to hold a lease for development...or they

can sell the lease to another operator for operating capital for their other


ol' Lawrence in Verhalen


Help, built a water pit to sell water, drilled a 400' cased water well on FM 1216, ran out of money. Any one wants to partnership? Call me ■■■■ Hector.


I have inheirted non executive mineral rights in Reeves county, E/2 of section 295,block13, H&GN Ry, Co. Survey. I am absolutely uninformed about all of this. Can someone help? DK


DK - I checked your section and don't see any permits or production yet. It's a good area with drilling in all directions around your tract. There's not really much for you to do but sit back and wait for activity to occur on your property. You'll be entitled to royalties off the oil and gas production once it commences. Even just a few acres can make for a nice monthly check once that happens.



If you don't already know about it, might be logical to determine the lease status of the tract you have royalty interest in...find out if it is currently leased, if so which company holds the lease and what is the lease term. It might take some research in Reeves Co. deed records if you don't know who holds the executive rights and would be in a position to negotiate a lease there.



These are not DUC wells that are shut in & RRC viewer never post shut in wells for ALLOWABLES for the months production..



We will see !!!!


Hector, just sent a friend request so to be able to message you. Send me a private message and we can discus the situation. I am interested. Louise Welch


Couple of questions - we have royalty interests in land identified as 20 acres, more or less, being the West One Half (W1/2) of the Northwest Forty (NW40) acres of the East one hundred sixty (E,160) acres of Section No. Twenty Five (25), in Block No. Two (2), H&GN RR Co, Survey, Reeves County, Texas. Anyone know who owns this property and is there any activity on it?

Randy Eiland


We have leases with COG within the Iceman Unit, Section 14 Block 5. There have been three wells drilled and two more permitted that I’m aware of. Drilling started September or October. Would this affect our acreage? I’m unsure what the status is on the three existing wells.



RRC shows the first well in the Iceman Unit (the 1401H) started producing in September and through December COG reported 140,870 barrels of crude and 322,338 MCF of gas produced there. If you are in that unit you should be getting a division order from them.

Like you mentioned COG has permits for four more wells in the Iceman unit. RRC doesn't show anything on their status. If those wells are drilled and you are in that unit then you should also get royalty from them. The unit plat shows the 800 acres in the Iceman unit only includes the east 1/2 of Section 14 but COG formed another unit called the Hollywood that includes the other (west) half of Section 14 and have permits for five wells in that 735 acre unit. I'm assuming your mineral interest is only in the east half of Section 14 or you might also have interest in that Hollywood unit.


Dusty, I’m wrong! Wish it were the Iceman Unit! It’s the Hollywood Unit. Wells #1405H, 1455H, and 1406H shows drilling in progress. The other two are 1454H and 1404H. How would I find out the progress on the first three?



COG hasn't filed a completion report yet on any of the wells in the Hollywood unit. Maybe somebody on the forum who has a subscription to Drill can check the status for you.


Randy Eiland

Reeves County Appraisal District shows your 20 acres owned by someone called Daltex Munn Associates at P.O. Box 51510, Midland Tx 79710.

Go to to look at their interactive map for more details.

RRC records show a Midland company called BTA Oil Producers formed a 640 acre unit that included all of Section 25 and permitted two wells last year called the Arpet 21602 25 1H and 2H. No completion reports have been filed yet but RRC shows the 1H was spudded 10/26/17 and the #2 spudded 11/8/17. Good luck.


Dusty, hopefully someone will check for me. I hear occasionally from a neighbor to the property that says they drilled one and drilled for several months. Then in late January moved about 1000 feet and set up again, so don’t t know what that might mean.



If you haven't seen RRC's map of your area this may help. The boundary of Sec. 14, Blk 5 is in red and COG's Hollywood unit is outlined in green. The two drill sites are at the bottom of the section and the horizontal legs of the five wells will extend north. From what your friend said it sounds like COG drilled from one pad then moved over and has started drilling the second well from the other pad. They wouldn't do that if they didn't like what they saw on the first well.

Looks like you're getting there.


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ol' Lawrence in Verhalen