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Gene, Dusty…Regarding Centennial activity

They contacted me about a month ago inquiring about a ROW to bring

a lease produced water manifold poly pipeline into the Saltwater Disposal

facility on my property. I’m in Block 13, Section 182. They are planning

wells in Block 13, Sections 150 and 151 just west of Hwy 17 and have producing wells in the Bell lease 7 miles north of me on the East side of

Hwy 17. Those are the leases they intend to link together with a produced water poly pipeline gathering system. They will be drilling more wells in the area.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Wade re: Holly truck diesel loading rack near Orla.

Kinder Morgan owns the railroad spur from Pecos to Balmorhea…and I

hear rumors that several companies are planning on putting REOT skid

mounted self contained refineries along that spur to load finished products (diesel, gasoline, and LNG) on tanker cars to be taken to jobbers

and retail markets. (REOT…Refinery Equipment of Texas…they have a website and are based in Houston)

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Are surface damages fees a one time payment or a yearly lease ?

I have a offer and don’t how it works

Thank You

Stony Bing

A 5582


Gene, this link should take you to RRC site where you can check for permits

Most recent activity looks like Centennial Sundown well in Section 300, next section east of you. Completion report filed in March showed 875 BPD. Looks like strongest area is about 3 miles further east where COG has a bunch of great wells.


New truck loading facility in Orla…

Holly Energy Partners Announces Delaware Basin Diesel Supply Project

Deeper Insights

Holly Energy Partners plans to construct a truck loading rack in Orla, TX to serve the growing diesel demand in the Delaware Basin. This project will expand the Partnership’s existing logistics footprint and connect to its New Mexico refined product system. Construction will commence in the second quarter and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018. The cost of the project is estimated between $10 million and $20 million.

The facility will be capable of delivering up to 30,000 barrels per day of diesel depending on market demand. In connection with this project, the Partnership expects to enter into a long-term throughput agreement containing minimum annual throughput commitments with HollyFrontier.

About Holly Energy Partners, L.P.:

Holly Energy Partners, L.P., headquartered in Dallas, Texas, provides petroleum product and crude oil transportation, terminalling, storage and throughput services to the petroleum industry, including HollyFrontier Corporation subsidiaries. The Partnership, through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, owns and/or operates petroleum product and crude gathering pipelines, tankage and terminals in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Idaho, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Kansas as well as refinery processing units in Kansas, and Utah.



Thanks Travis, that is what I was afraid of, with well pads they own you land with out buying it.


Stony - Often surface damages are a one time fee but I always like to include an annual rental to go along with it if they plan on having continuing operations like a well. For pipeline damages it is harder to command a rental.

I hope that helps



There is a stealth bull market going on. It’s a market pushed by Wall Street and Saudi Arabia, which wants to IPO the world’s largest company, Saudi Aramco, at twice the size of Apple.

But there is more than that going on. Here are 10 reasons oil is back on the bull.


Number 4 on his list is about 66 refineries currently being built around the world. You can always depend on the economy going in the opposite direction DeHaemer says it will go. I’m pretty sure the oil and gas sector of the worldwide economy will continue to climb until the end of September or beginning of October…and we may see 5% growth of the US GDP during that time thanks to Trump’s policies. But, I expect

a blowup in the Middle East about that time that will rock the world markets and affect the US dollar directly then. So, I recommend make hay while the sun shines with your surface and mineral holdings…and put your money into TANGIBLES.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Bloomberg: Permian/Delaware “will probably become the world’s largest oil patch”
With crude oil production expected to reach 3.18 million barrels a day in the Permian Basin this month, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Bloomberg said the basin “will probably become the world’s largest oil patch over the next decade.” (Read more…)


IF limited nuclear war in the Middle East doesn’t break out late this year and things

hold together for another 10 years…YES…this WILL BE the biggest producing field

in the world.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


I am a first time poster on this forum, although I have read it for several years and greatly appreciate all of the information posted. I apologize in advance for the length of this post. My wife inherited mineral interests in Section 28 and 32 of Block 71 which are currently leased to Apache (the Ash and Palm Units). According to the RRC records and GIS Viewer, there are currently three wells permitted in the Palm Unit and two wells permitted in the Ash Unit. She recently executed a division order for a well in the Ash Unit but has not received one for the Palm Unit.

I have three questions specific to those leases, but would appreciate any applicable general information if no one can answer regarding the specifics. First, my wife received an initial, very small royalty payment for January and February on the Ash Unit. The royalty statement from Apache indicated that it was for gas produced. I was expecting a shut-in payment (possibly) due to the fact it does not appear the wells are connected to a pipeline yet. Is this typical? Does anyone know the production status of these wells or the timeline to get them connected to pipelines?

Secondly, at one time the GIS Viewer indicated Apache had a pipeline permitted into these sections which ran parallel to the Energy Transfer Company gas gathering line. The Apache pipeline no longer runs to these sections. Does anyone know what happened with that situation? Does anyone know a timeline for Apache to run a pipeline to these wells?

Finally, as the other wells are completed in these Units, is there a way to access the production data other than the RRC query system? How long does it typically take Apache to post completion information from a well?

Thank you for any information that you can provide.


I have been contacted by an operator asking for a PSA Agreement on a 30 ac tract that is within an existing gas pool/lease from the 1950’s, with producing wells, that I don’t have much say in. The entire PSA acreage is 315ac with the 30ac the only acreage within the gas pool. I am aware of ‘some’ of the complications of PSA’s and that it will all in up in court, but for now-What happens if I refuse to sign the Agreement? Section 80, Block 33, Loving Co. A 438; drilling pmt #833712. Thanks in advance for any input. LCH


Anyone leasing in SEC 39 BLK 42 PSL area in Reeves County Any wells

drilled in or around that area?


A drilling permit by Rosetta was obtained on property leased by Colgate Energy and neither knows anything about the other. Section 265, Block 13.

Are the hands of the poker game ahead of the players or is the dealer behind?

Of course, would be best at the moment if the property were not drilled until next year when capacity to take away the production will exist.

Makes for interesting conversational speculation though.


Rosetta, COG and Double Eagle have all taken leases in Section 265. This information is readily available and they all know about the leases. COG and other lessees will participate as non-operating working interests with Rosetta in the wells, or they may assign their leases to Rosetta in a trade or for cash. Rosetta is a very active in that area.


Thank You TennisDaze.


Red 136-137…

Halliburton frackers are in there one CR330 west of Hwy 17 working on a well.

ol’Lawrence in Verhalen


On CR330, not one


Sec 39 Block 72 PS and Sec 42 Block 72 PSL in Reeves County

We have offers to lease and want to know if anyone is familiar with

Bonus offers at this time


I would also like to know about Bonus offers please.

My lease is coming up for renewal.



Thanks, Wade. Apache is building at least two 30 inch gas gathering

pipeline networks from south of Interstate 10 to the Saragosa junction

parallel to Hwy 17 and the FM that runs thru Saragosa. They have a second

30 inch gas gathering network west of FM 2903 that will cross 2903 and head east along CR336/Barilla road and across Hwy 17 where Barilla Road

becomes CR112…and continues to Hwy 285 where it will split and part go to the new Energas plant on the east side of 285 where Pecos and Reeves counties meet…and the other goes to the WAHA complex at

Coyanosa. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll bring the line from the

Saragosa junction across Hwy 17 near my property and parallel the Primexx 16 inch gathering line to tie in east of Hwy 17 at CR112 Barilla road.

That gathering line paralleling CR112/Barilla Road on the east side of

Hwy 17 is probably going to swage up to a 48 inch line…or maybe even a 60 inch pipeline because of all the gas volume to be transported. They

may put in a couple of 30 inch lines to transport Natural Gas Liquids from

those wells just west of FM2903 down to the Toyah area.

ol’Lawrence in Verhalen