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Well, Lawrence, I’m sure what ever state you live in shapes your world view. Where you live is essentially controlled by the dominate industry in that area. Nostalgia or attachment to anything, be it farming or the look of a town, all transient things. Everything is ecconomicaly based. The dominate industry shapes the landscape and the lives of the people who live and work in that area. All I know is,Some changes are slow to come others rapid, but you can be sure nothing stays the same no matter where you are.

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Lawrence, The East had the population mainly because that is where there is an abundance of water resources that could support dense population. We shall see how our genius shall provide for the West the water it shall require. And yes, the wealth of the East is in great part because the resources of the West could be drawn upon. It would be far different if America had stopped at the Piedmont. Yet don’t forget, it was Pennsylvania Oil, Ohio Oil, Eastern Anthracite coal that started this all off. We are all in this together, I do like reading your opinions and your information. Thank You.

Kathy- Some of these multi-well pads are spacing experiments to see how close they can place the wells together without getting any interference between the wellbores, i.e. trying to optimize production. Apache has said several times that they are not seeing appreciable interference even though these are mostly gas wells.

Lawrence, do you know who is building those multiple large developments on the east side of 2903, north of Balmorhea, and what they’re going to be? I’m guessing based on the earlier map above that one of them will be Apache’s Diamond cryo plant. Thanks.

Apache has 4 build sites for Cryo NGL plants, 2 on the East side of FM2903 north of the FM2903/Interstate 10 junction at Balmorhea and 2 Recompressor/NGL Cryo plants on the west side of FM2903 almost directly opposite the two on the east side. Saulsbury Construction out of Odessa and Evers & Sons are building those plants. Then, North of Toyah on CR222, 225, and 221 Apache is building 4 more Cryo NGL plants.
You saw Apache’s 40 acre yard on the west side of FM2903 4 miles South of Toyah? Apache is going to build their own gas fired turbines multi 100s Megawatt power plant…one of three projected…to supply power to all their facilities in the area for a 150 mile radius through the new Apache grid power lines you saw on CR328 on the ground. There will be several man camps along FM2903 operated by Apache and Primexx, Noble Permian, Oxy and others are following suit.
The Toyah City Council is setting up to vampire like blood suck funds from Apache and other companies building production infrastructure in the area…but they have no PLAN. There’s a crying need for housing…not just temporary shelters like RV parks where they are gouging the tenants for $500 to $1500/month for a slot to park a trailer…but homes with small acreage where families can own and put down roots to stay in the area with their jobs.
There’s a crying need for grocery stores, hardware and department stores to supply the needs of the influx of workers and their families. There are no steak houses in the area and such workers LIKE their steaks and American traditional breakfasts with biscuits and gravy, not burritos.
Because the area ‘cities’ are not willing to accommodate workers families to live permanently in the area, they are setting up Pecos, Toyah, and Balmorhea for another economic bust they will likely not survive. Maybe the Apache man camps can become independent cities that will accommodate those families…I hope so for their kids sake.

I noticed Apache has leased property from Lynne Gibson in Block 13, sections 180 and 181 which is about a mile and a half south of me…and extends the Alpine High boundary east of Tx Hwy 17. I understand Apache is extending their 30 inch gathering line along FM2903 to the east along Ranch Road 3334 to pick up the production from wells drilled east of Hwy 17. Primexx already has several horizontal wells southeast of Hwy 17 and FM2448…so they know the boundary of the Alpine High extends farther east of than originally projected. The Central Processing Facility of Apache at the abandoned town of Hovey in the southeast boundary of Reeves county and the railroad tracks appears to be the new boundary of the Alpine High discovery of Apache.

Thank you, Lawrence. I hadn’t heard about any issues between operators and the City of Toyah. What’s the the disagreement about?

Has Apache or the contracting company released info on the planned man camp at the corner of 2903 and I-10? … or is it more word of mouth at the moment? I’d like to read up on it if there’s any info out there.

Kathy9…I think you may be confusing Toyahvale where the Balmorhea State Park with the spring fed (San Solomon) spring is…about 4 miles southwest of Balmorhea on Tx Hwy 17…with the city of Toyah on Interstate 20…the souvenir shop owner there owns a bunch of acreage south of Balmorhea and he’s been giving Apache a lot of grief about building anything or drilling out there in that area. He’s one of the ring leaders encouraging protests there…but they have to import most of their protestors…everyone else is working for the oil companies.

Toyah is at the other end, north end, of FM2903 on Interstate 20…20 miles north. Apache is going wild building in that area as well and Toyah is in ruins since the railroad ended supporting the crew living quarters there with a crew change siding. Now the drilling and plant building operations all require fleets of brine, oil, frac sand, frac pump trucks, and heavy vessel hauling trucks to exit Interstate 20 there at Toyah and pass through the town to county roads 221, 222, 225, 232 to go to the sites where they are needed. Toyah has the roads all torn up and won’t fix truck routes through there. And then the land owners are gouging the oil companies on prices for everything…just like Pecos is doing. There are only two businesses in Toyah…an Uncles convenience store/truck stop and a pitifully small 2 Sisters sandwich shop. They are talking about raising city taxes in Toyah on everything…and they have no real drinking water and sewer infrastructure. Most of the town is on a single single phase electric supply line. They don’t want to allow company owned man camps near Toyah, but they are also discouraging individuals from building them on property they own there.

Back over in Balmorhea, they are talking about levying a city tax on top of the state sales tax…making everything even more expensive. It’s just a matter of time before Toyah follows suit. But, like Toyah, Balmorhea has no businesses to speak of…3 motels, a laughable small ‘grocery’, a bar with grill…and they don’t want Dollar General, a Western Sizzlin’ or Golden Coral steakhouse…or a Main Street Market truck stop with a hardware store, clothing store, grocery store,Subway Sandwich and Western Sizzlin’ kiosks under one roof because they might add a big RV park for oilfield workers as well.
There’s an anti-growth ‘Clique’ of land owners in Reeves county that is vehemently opposed to development of the Delaware Basin oil and gas sector of the local economy.

Yesterday I got to meet Chuck Jones and his wife from Louisiana and the Mineral Rights Forum as they came out to survey their land just north of Ranch Road 3334 on County Road 331.
Lots of operators moving drilling operations in all around their property.

, Reeves County, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars::stars:

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Thanks for the insight. It’s good to know the local dynamics…what little media reporting there is on the area doesn’t give always give the full perspective. The flashing sign referencing city council was in Toyah (not Toyahvale) at the main intersection of 2903 and the I-20 frontage road. I personally think Toyah would be ideal for a mancamp … more centrally located in the county and closer to field offices in Pecos than further south. But I can understand how residents might disagree … there’s already so much heavy truck traffic around the town. I always assumed Balmorhea had an ordinance against “chains.” Except for the gas station built a few years back, everything else is “mom n pop”. It looks like the city had some strict architectural control over the building design though.

Are the landowners around Balmorhea who are opposed to drilling generally only surface owners? If so, that would make more sense.

Kathy9…Re: Toyahvale…should have said where the spring fed outdoor swimming pool is…which has been shut down all this year by the State. They are renovating the state run overnight cabins there and have been doing water tests to see if the evil oil companies have contaminated the precious San Solomon aquifer.

I’d like to see Apache buy up all the land in and around Toyah and turn it into a real oilfield town for their employees rather than let the present day ‘city fathers’ let it fall further into decay and ruin.

With a little planning and infuse of money, they could make Toyah blow the doors off Pecos as THE place to live and raise children in Reeves county.

,Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rainbow::stars::rofl::ribbon::heart:

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Lawrence, my extended family and I own mineral rights in 30,32, 36, and 38, blk 56, township 3S. I understand that oil is selling at a discount because of the pipeline issues, but LNG is also showing a discount to market price on our royalty checks. Is this due to pipeline issues also? Our lease is with Apache for the most part. Also, how is the discount determined? Thanks for all of your help!

Hi, I would like to know that who is the licensor for the diamond Cryo gas complex being built by Saulsbury corporation for Apache corporation at Reeves County. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean. Are you asking about the landowner? (Landowners can “license” easements for plant facilities.) If so, the owner will be in the appraisal district’s website; you can search using the legal description of the property.

talked to ole lawrence yesterday 11 29 18. he said the dr drew fluid from his lung. he sounded lots stronger , but still a ways to go even though out of ICU . said he would be there at least another week . .CharlesJ

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