Offers for 2-9N-6W Grady County


I almost want to say “thanks for the memories” as I dont read this much anymore but wandering, why I’ve been offered $14,000 per acre when nothing is going on in Section 5 (5-5-6) and these other offers are lower…puzzling. We’re not selling even tho. Yea, don’t accepth low offers…once its gone, its gone.


Several sections very close to you have multiple wells, so maybe the buyer types are hearing news that isn’t public yet about future wells in your area.


Does someone know about the Elmer well in section 3 8n 7w?i heard its in production since November also with my section 34 9n 7w


First sales were November 1, 2018. You will probably not hear anything until March or April.


Thank you so much for your reply. Im just really new to this and just wondering if this well looked promising…thanks again


Ha, right on… Very cool to see somebody take the time to give a thorough and logical answer. Tip of the Hat