Offers for 2-9N-6W Grady County


I almost want to say “thanks for the memories” as I dont read this much anymore but wandering, why I’ve been offered $14,000 per acre when nothing is going on in Section 5 (5-5-6) and these other offers are lower…puzzling. We’re not selling even tho. Yea, don’t accepth low offers…once its gone, its gone.


Several sections very close to you have multiple wells, so maybe the buyer types are hearing news that isn’t public yet about future wells in your area.


Does someone know about the Elmer well in section 3 8n 7w?i heard its in production since November also with my section 34 9n 7w


First sales were November 1, 2018. You will probably not hear anything until March or April.


Thank you so much for your reply. Im just really new to this and just wondering if this well looked promising…thanks again


Ha, right on… Very cool to see somebody take the time to give a thorough and logical answer. Tip of the Hat


We have been offered $2000 an acre to lease at 1/8th $1500 at 3/16th and $1250 for 1/4 from Turner Oil and Gas on behalf of Continental. Blue Chip Energy Partners offered $2750 for 1/8th $2200 for 3/16th and $1750 for 1/4 in section 2 9N 8W in Grady County. Do these seem like reasonable offers for this section.

Thank you.


Can anyone tell me about the following section in Grady?

'Section 1, Township 8 North, Range 6 West- 7.50 Net Acres

Need info on 1-8N-6W Grady

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Looks like companies have offered up to $3500 and 3/16 in adjacent sections. Roan Resources offered $3500 and 3/16 on 12/04/17. Roan also offered $4000 and 1/8 on 8/29/2018 in 12-9n-6w just SE of you. I dont know if you have any current offers but Id push for similar numbers if I were you. you can always list your minerals for lease on sites such as Petro Values, Mineral Insight, or Drilling Info to get more offers or contact a local landman to reach out on your behalf. Good Luck!


we got $3850 and 3/16in sec 4 almost a year ago from Prairie


Sheryleb, Did you have any luck? We have some property in that area, and I too could use some help…Pretty Please:<)

Regards, David F


Thanks thats very helpful! Can you, or anyone tell me if you know of any Landmen in that area?


Thanks! Do you know of any Landmen in that area, as we have properties in Bryan County’s as well.


We signed lease with Blue Chip Energy in section 2 9n 7w last week and received relief request from Continental in mail today. This will not effect our current lease offer since it’s not official yet because they are still doing title work correct? Turner had been trying to lease us on behalf of Continental but wouldn’t budge on numbers until after we got another offer then tried to pull top lease on us but luckily we had no official offer until after lease expired. Then we received the relief request so thought Turner and Continental we’re trying to lock us in on their lease terms, is this the deal or nothing to worry about?


If you signed a lease and turned it over to Blue Chip, then they will hold the lease if they file it at the courthouse. (Hopefully, you didn’t turn it over without getting paid.) Blue Chip will either flip it or they are leasing for another group that wants a piece of the well. Continental will most likely be the operator of the well and has to abide by the terms of the lease no matter who holds it.


They are still verifying the title work, they said 15 to 30 days. We will get paid once title is verified, this is how all our leases over the years were done. I’ve never had anyone pay prior to verifying, is that something they can do. Thanks


Encourage you to read the comments by Richard Winblad regarding the trouble with turning over a lease without getting paid. Search his name with the magnifying glass above.

I never turn over a lease without getting paid unless I know the landman and have had perfect results in the past. The way to get around it is to have a third party such as an accountant, attorney or bank hold the signed lease and not turning it over until the check arrives. I also have a cover letter that says if the check does not arrive within the mandated time frame, the lease will be returned to me and destroyed and negotiations will begin again. There are too many instances of leases being filed with no payment being tendered. Causes legal issues.

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Thats great information, and much appreicated! My Families been leasing in these areas for many years, we’re currently looking to sell these properties.


Given all the activity in 9N-6W, you might want to reconsider selling. A lot of infill drilling pending with permits already filed or cases at the OCC. Depends on the section, but don’t be in a hurry as you may get lowball bids.