Offer to purchase surface interest only


We do not own the surface rights in our section. I was under the impression that it is Public School Land.


My wife inhertited the farm( AB-1473) from her father. He grew cotton for years up until the mid 70’s.


Hi there - Are your surface rights a hard acreage, that is a hard divided interest? Or an undivided interest? That could effect how useful the surface is to any given company. We have surface rights in Loving county and have had a leased out to pipeline companies. I’d recommend holding on if you don’t need the money, the pipeline activity continues to heat up in the Permian and they could be worth more in leases in the next few years compared to a sale today.


Sorry I don’t understand your use of the word “hard”. My wife and her relatives own the surface rights to a 365 acre parcel – AB 1473.