Not quite sure what is going on,, Block C18-Reeves

I have a few questions;

Myself and cousins have a small interest in Block C18, Sections 6 & 9.

We just started getting checks beginning this January (3 so far) for a well called Affirm.

According to the GIS map, this runs across part of the section.

There are also 2 other 'lines' running across our sections. Do I need to follow up on these?

Now I see that there is a well permitted entirely within one of our sections. (GalliantFox 9).

What if anything, should I be doing?

I am not even sure what questions to ask. Our lease is with MDC.

Thank you for any possible direction or clarification any can provide

and apologies to Clint Liles for accidently posting this as a reply to his listing of new permits.



The three wells you are referring to are the Affirmed, Assault, and Eastex. Assault is a newer well and I would guess you'll be receiving your interest here shortly (1 or 2 more months judging form the time it took with the Affirmed). Eastex looks like it is waiting to be completed (frac'd) but once it does you'll be receiving a portion of that also.

The Galliant Fox is a permit and I would guess they will get to drilling this sometime this year or early next.

As for what you should be doing you can call MDC with all 4 well names above and ask for updates if you would like to. Other than that I would sit back and think about what to do with my new passive income! :)

Hope this helps,


Thank you so much... I'm sure there is a way to get the names. I will call MDC in a few days.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer.


I'm not sure what you mean by getting the names! But to be clear the exact names of the 4 Drilled and Permitted wells you have interest in are:

Affirmed 6 2H

Assault 6 1H

Eastex 6 1H

Gallant Fox 9 1H

Hope this helps,


Thank you again.... that is what I meant .

The names of the wells.


Mary, you received a royalty check on the Affirmed well starting in January? Did i read that correctly?

Yes… 3 so far