New upscale development underway in City of Pecos due to O/G


These hotels are still under construction. No doubt rates for other Pecos hotels get into the $300s regularly. Monday to Friday aint a good time to be a passing through traveler…will lighten your wallet big time.


Kind of humorous that rates in Pecos are probably pretty close to rates in Vail. You can save a bunch staying in Fort Stockton. We stay in Alpine when we head down to that part of the state.


If I didn’t live here and decided I wanted to come check it out…I’d have a Dodge Ram pickup with Cummins Diesel engine rigged up to pull a gooseneck trailer…a 30 foot gooseneck RV trailer, completely self contained…so I could pull it anywhere, push a button and it would level itself, generator, water, everything all ready to go…then just drive out from under it and go wherever I wished. IF I parked it in an RV park I’d pay $20/night…or save even that and park at a roadside park in the Davis Mountains on the scenic loop or state roadside parks on IH10 and IH20.
That’s my ‘druthers’… I wouldn’t waste $320/night.
ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::rainbow::stars::ribbon: