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NARO Appalachia Education Series is offering a Townhall meeting in Moundsville, WV January 31, 2019. Free to the Public. Sounds like a good topic. “Understand the County Tax Assessment on Your Royalties”. I found it on the NARO calendar.

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SAVE THE DATE The NARO National Convention will be October 2-5, 2019 in Pittsburgh. Registration will open in January. Look it up at

There are some very good reference materials listed on the website from last year’s convention. A useful one for mineral owners is the “Copy of Sample Mineral Inventory Form”. Good way to keep a running list of what you have.


The new ROAR is out.



Watch for an announcement soon about a NARO Town Hall meeting in Big Spring, Texas on April 16 at the Hotel Settles.


Hi Martha, Thanks for sharing! Could you please post the link to the presentation materials from last year’s convention? I tried to find it on the NARO website but didn’t have any luck.

Thanks, Matt


I can’t find it either. Looks like they just updated the announcement page and they may have refreshed everything and archived that. Call the NARO office and ask them. If you are a member, they may be able to point you in the right direction.


Here is the Announcement on the NARO Town Hall in Big Spring, Texas on April 16 and the link for registration is below. Registration limited to 150 people.



Information regarding the severance taxes in each of the states you can go to the National Conference of State Legislatures website under the energy section. A very helpful source to review and compare severance taxes from each state!!


Judge won’t dismiss “fuel gas” lawsuit filed against Cimarex Energy March 25, 2019 As Colorado’s Cimarex Energy Company and Cimarex Energy Company of Colorado fight a class action lawsuit over royalty payments, a Muskogee federal judge has refused to dismiss the suit. It’s a suit involving the use of natural gas as fuel gas. U.S. District Judge Steven P. Shreder of the Eastern District of Oklahoma denied the company’s efforts to have the 2016 lawsuit dismissed. Dorsey J. Reirdon filed suit claiming Cimarex Energy and one of its subsidiaries had been using natural gas from wells for fuel. His lawsuit contended also underpaid royalty to him through a policy of not paying royalties for fuel gas. Magnum Hunter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cimarex Energy Co. was the lessee and sold the gas to Madill Gas Processing Company, L.L.C and delivers it to Madill’s North Madill Compressor station in Marshall County. A pro rata share of the gas is used off the leased property as Fuel Gas to power compressors which move the gas to Madill’s gas processing plant. Cimarex sought to have the suit dismissed but the judge ruled otherwise.


This very thing is why I strike the clause in all my leases that says they can use my oil, gas or water for free. As more and more of the rig fleet and frac fleets convert their engines to mixed diesel/gas, they can use your gas and not pay you-unless you strike that clause. Not giving legal advice, just a tip that I picked up at a National NARO meeting a few years ago. Was an eye-opener.


Thanks to all who attended our Town Hall in Big Spring at the Hotel Settles. About 80 attended, and a lot of interest in the four topics. Copies of the powerpoints will be sent out to attendees as soon as I can get them all to Cynthia in Tulsa.