Mineral ownership grady county Oklahoma

My dad was conveyed 8.3334 acres in Grady county section 24-9-7 in 1981 from his brother. His birth certificate name is on this deed of record. He used his birth certificate name which had a J. in front of his name on about 1/3 of his dealings. Some agreements of record have both his names he used on Grantor and or Grantee. He sold most his Grady county deeds in 1995 under his name without the J. of record on this deed. 2019 a company asks my brother so sign an affidavit saying the 2 are the same guy which he did. The original deed conveyed to Dad in 1981 has never been conveyed on the ledger. Anyone have a similar experience?

Sounds like–from what you say-- your Dad never sold the Grady 24-9-7 8.3…?
Have you looked for a deed(s) at the county clerks office? Have you checked with Okla Unclaimed Property? Oklahoma State Treasurer - Unclaimed Property … Look under any name that may still own it to see if an Oil Company is paying but doesn’t have an address.

This probably needs a quick lawyer review of the deed Dad conveyed to his trust with all his different mineral in the count listed by section and then his trustee conveyed to the oil company in 1995–and later when the big horizontal well was drilled with a $5,400 bonus per acre in 2018 or 19 the operator went looking for J. Dad and his 8.3334 acre deed from 1981. So then the tracking of one of his kids led to a paid affidavit saying he knew about acres and Grady county holdings Dad had which was bull. So I don’t know if J. Dad and Dad are allowed to be seperate entities in business or not.

If I understand correctly, if the deed is into J. William Smith. Then William Smith or, lets say, Bill Smith conveys it out. If the question is, since the deed was not executed by J. William Smith, is this a valid conveyance. If that is the question, the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter whether it was executed by J. William, William, or Bill, as long as one can determine that they were the same person. The fact that the deed was not executed by the exact name, the deed was granted into, this doesn’t affect the validity of the deed.

Thanks Tim, looks like the big oil company gets a bonus from us the way the purchase was written. They had no idea when they bought these tracks in 1995 these 8.3334 acres were included until the operator found the 1981 transaction in 2019 as they were putting the well in pay.

Still pondering LOL–Dad conveyed to Trustee and Trustee conveyed to big oil company in sell all minerals in his trust. J. Dad had the 8.3334 mineral deed not in his trust when the sell took place. There is a deed that the big oil company was buying and those acres came from 1/3 interest Dad was given from family along with same 1/3 each his brothers got and they all sold same 1/3 deed to big oil company at different times. Those guys know they got away with a bonus.

Exactly how did the Trustee convey “all the minerals in his trust” to the oil company? I would have expected deeds that specified exactly what was being conveyed, in which case the acreage not yet in the trust would not have been conveyed.

There was 52 deeds and they listed the identical townships and ranges and then Sections that had the same. They made up their purchase deed off Dads inherited deed he got with 1/3 interest the same as his 2 brothers got in 1991. The acreage listed in the sale of 1995 by no way included the 1981 8.3334 deed. That would have been picked up when buyer was running tittle on purchase and not in 2019 by the operator.

This is really impossible to sort out in this forum. Each conveyance must be examined to determine what is still owned.

Agree with Rick. You’re going to need an oil and gas professional to review your material.

Regarding the name, was the subject deed with or with out warranty? As to it’s registration on the “ledger”, that would be preference of the grantee, his heirs, successors or assigns. If the minerals are in production, was there an indemnification on the DO?

this is a 50% royalty fee for a deed that I think our family has been taken on-- I have all the information at the tip of my fingers if you want to view and take a chance going after it

If you go way back in Grady County my Great Grandfather was AA Holmes the original deed flipper. His Grandson was my dad and we have several deeds I have in question that I feel are still in the family even though others are profiting from them and claiming ownership from the operator. It is not cut and dries and others have been given ownership. I’ll have a little kitty someday when deeds are sold to go after what I feel belongs to the family and hopefully find a partner that sees my side and would pursue for 50% of the reward