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RW, They still need to press getting that flaring reduced. The LA to Europe nonstop flights often go right over western North Dakota after dusk (yeah, I know the planes use a lot of fuel too) and it is so bright it looks like a major city down there. What a mess. Besides, I want to get paid for that gas.


Bart, I just arrived in Dublin, Ireland this morning. I’ll send you the info in a couple weeks.

And welcome back, Mr. Kennedy. The forum had been too quiet.


Ed, my sources tell me that the cost of completing a well has dropped drastically, possibly by 1/3. I already knew that operators were overspending to bring the wells in hastily but evidently it was even more than I thought. Idling frack crews seems to have had a beneficial effect bringing costs in line with reality again. We also should remember that even without the new wells completed, ND production is still rising.

I’m also relatively certain that the state will find a way to allow operators to extend that one year time limit as it is a regulation and not a law. The state has proven willing to bend over backwards to help the operators in the past. The state would have never imposed such draconian penalties for excessive flaring except the environmentalists were up in arms and the scorn was going to be heaped equally on the state as well as the oil companies because it was the states job to regulate it. The politicians couldn’t let that happen. If anything could cripple the O&G industry in ND, making the operators plug and abandon what were probably going to be viable wells and probably losing some leases in the process, would be it. I don’t think that will happen.


Mr. Kennedy: Thanks for the detailed explanation. I did not disagree with your initial comment, but rather lamented the fact that what you were saying is true. The oil companies likely drafted the legislation and handed it to one of their “employees in all but name” legislators to enact. -JSM


Mr. Murray, they still have a year from first sales to get it hooked to a gas gathering line before there could be a penalty. Then there is the way the regulation is written. Many wells will not be economic to hook to a gathering line after 1 year… because the “flush” production of gas is already gone, flared and the operator will be allowed to not hook that well to a gathering line. The regulation also states that if the well is not eligible for the waiver or variance, whatever it is called, the wells production will be limited to 100 bbl per day. There are quite a few wells that won’t produce 100 barrels a day after the first year and curtailing one that produces little more than 100 bbl per day to 100 isn’t that big a hardship to not have to pay for the gathering line.

I did state that the state bends over backwards to accommodate the industry any way it can. The state did the absolute minimum to keep from getting a media black eye. The regulation was deliberately written, in my opinion, to be as ineffective as possible, affect as few wells as possible and I doubt enforcement of production is very strictly enforced. I have heard of only two instances where overproduction in ND has led to a fine. I also doubt the fines are significant, even if they imposed rigorously.

I’d like to see everyone get paid for their gas too.


Mr. Murray, you are so right, “employees in all but name” also future employees!


Bart, finally home from Ireland. The newspaper I get weekly is the Bakken Breakout Weekly. I believe you can see it online at Failing that, call (701)■■■■. Didn’t check, but you might be able to subscribe at There’s no subscription information in the paper, but I believe the annual cost is something like $36.


I was referred to the following firm to probate 3 estates with O&G interests in McKenzie County, ND. I primarily worked with the paralegal, Julie, who was responsive and efficient, and I felt the charges were fair. Attorney was:

Marshall W. McCullough
Attorney, Corporate/Business/Estate Planning

Julie M. Koppelman



901 - 13th Avenue East

P.O. Box 458

West Fargo, North Dakota 58■■■■

TEL (701) ■■■■

FAX (701) ■■■■


Got it going now Ed, thank you for remembering.


Hi, North Dakota. Conoco Phillips has just found our very tiny interest in 151 North, 97 West, Sections 15 & 22, and has sent us an offer to participate or lease or be pooled in the 12 wells that have been drilled there. We are leaning toward the non-consent/pooling option. But we also have to do probate on our dad’s will with North Dakota. We are from Oklahoma and his will was probated there. Could anyone recommend an attorney who could help us with our probate issue?


HMB, thank you so much!


Hello: I am strongly considering selling a non op working interest in 6-152N-98W. Statoil operated, ~0.0044 WI, 7 completions, another drilling. Statoil seems to be holding these back currently. Any ideas on market value would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I was wondering if I could ask a question regarding a well in McKenzie County ND. It appears Hunt Oil missed our interest initially. Hunt Oil Just sent us an option to lease or participate in Stocke 1-4-9H sections 4 and 9, T148 R100W. I previously had access to well records but cancelled membership and may need to get it back. They only want to pay couple hundred dollars for a lease yet they want over $5,000.00 to participate. I am reluctant to believe much the oil Companies and their staff say these days. I thought with this forum’s expertise , someone may be able to share some insight. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Thanks !


Dawn, would need more info to answer what I think you’re asking: whether they are offering you a fair deal (the going rates). Also my access to NDRIN just lapsed over the holidays. If you’d like to post the letter here, I can try to help make sense of it.


You should be able to get the statement of claim form from the County website. If you can’t find it, I have a copy. You will need the exact description of the acreage. Costs just a few dollars. Has to be done every 20 years or so.


We have received a letter from a landman telling us that we possibly have unclaimed mineral rights from a great uncle. My uncle lived right over the border into MT at Fairview, MT at one time and later into ND. When he passed away his probate was done in ND. They missed 14 acres of mineral rights in MT. He didn’t have any children, so he willed everything to his nieces and nephews…our parents. Of course our parents are all passed on now, so my question is what would be the simplest way to claim the mineral rights. Thanks to any advice out there.


R W Kennedy, Would you know of a good MT lawyer in the Sidney, Richland county area? Thanks also for your other comment.


Bonnie, I would record a statement of claim, stating that the purpose of your statement of claim is so your rights can not be extinguished. Even if you were wrong and the acres are not yours, you do not slander anyone’s title. To actually get title to the acres in your name will probably require a quiet title suit.


Bonnie, I am sorry to say I have no one to recommend. I would start by searching the Forum with the search function at the top right and or asking in the Montana county forums for recommendations. Hopefully Eastern MT will weigh in on this. I would certainly send them a friend request and PM them.