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Bonnie, that section is about 90% underwater. Possibly the state is claiming those minerals? If your legal description did not include the far east side where the dry ground is, you may be out of luck.


We are also in sec 21 152 104. Sec 28 and 21 were in the state disputed OHWM. Looks like the state won there. How or who do we contact to see how many mineral acres we now have.


Bonnie, good question. I would sure not want to foot the bill for the survey.


A Land Professional from the ND Department of Trust Lands sent me a map showing the state owned mineral rights along the river in our two sections, but didn’t actually say how many acres were involved. Maybe I will email him back and see if he can tell me that. Like you say, there would probably have to be a survey done. With all the money the state is getting, they should be able to afford one, huh?



We are very interested in your acreage. We would be able to beat the $2,500 offer you have. Please contact me if you are interested. is our website. We are advertisers on the site too. Thanks, Jeff


The survey has been done. If the state took your minerals, they probably leased them in 2012. The dep’t of nd trust lands website will tell you the net acres they leased. You are also able to tell net acres leased on the recorded state leases, if you’re able to get to the court house. -luke


It does say at the top of this group what the purpose of the group is, the sharing of information.


The information I am sharing is that Daniel has a below market value offer and we would pay more than Daniel was offered, which in my opinion was a low ball offer. Not to get in to an argument with you, as I always enjoy your insight on the board.


Jeff B, I would expect that you could beat Daniels previous offer by a wide margin. I don’t believe you are the usual fly by night characters we get in these forums and I am happy when people get more options. I do believe that for decorums sake that it would be better to announce what you will pay, which would be actual “content” in line with the stated purpose of this group that you can find at the top of the page. Otherwise I believe it would be better to send Daniel a friend request, to see if he would like to discuss things outside the group. I believe that most of your post would fit in the short message you can send with a friend request.


Bart, I was asked if I would be a moderator. I turned down the title but I accepted the responsibility.

As far as Jeff B is concerned, he says he sent a friend request and received no answer. I believe that sends a clear message.

Bart, if you believe I am violating the terms of service, take it up with the management. Otherwise you are welcome to your opinion and you know what they say about opinions…


RW, I sent Daniel a friend request with a note months ago when he first posted about his minerals and wasn’t certain whether they were OHM impacted. The friend request was not acknowledged but I am sure he man not regularly visit the site. Consequently, as plan B, I resorted to reaching out on the wall. I would like to know the specific of his acreage (I haven’t found record of his ownership…which may suggest some curative may be necessary) prior to making an offer and for his and our privacy I would prefer not to announce** **a figure in a public forum.


Hey rw, I don’t agree with all your statements on how to best do the play and make money so let’s you and Andrew get over the whole ‘blog monitor’ thing. If they want to meet up and lease something on this site, that is fine. And if it doesn’t work out, I’ll look at it and possibly lease afterwards.


Sorry, I will have to agree with Kennedy. I think this site should be about sharing advice and information.


I just received an offer to participate in 3** wells in Sections 4 and 9 of T150N-R101W from Whiting Petroleum. **Has anyone else received such an offer in this area? I like that Whiting will enlist one rig that will be skidded back and forth between wells, drilling them in segments to reduce rig time. My AFEs have gone over 50-100% in the past. I’m hoping this won’t be the same. Any thoughts?


I need to get 14.5 mineral acres in township 147 North leased again. Can anyone give me a name(s) of landman or companies that may be interested. We are not interested in selling. Only leasing. Thanks.


I too appreciate Mr. Kennedy and his insights. He has been a great help to me in my quest for understanding of all the oil stuff I found myself involved in. Thank you RW.


Same here. I always log on when I see Mr. Kennedy has commented. Quite frankly, I can’t see how anyone would have any basis for complaint.


Thank you all, but please stop because you are embarassing me. It is my pleasure to help if I can. There are so many here who give their time to help. Janie, I notice you share your experience which is just a valid and I’m sure valuable to many people in similar situations. We all do what we can because this is a community. I would like to thank Kenny DuBose for making this possible. I will not thank everyone because there would be too many pages and would blot out the proper business of this group but I believe you all know who you are, those who ask the questions as much as those who answer are responsible for the success of this community.


Mr.Kennedy…I for one would like to express my personal appreciation for your comments and the generosity and style of your many comments on a wide variety of questions.Many come from a novice like myself,while others are much more experienced in the ways of the oil and gas business.You treat all ‘fair and square’.Thank you.