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I received an offer to lease today for a small interest I have in Martin County. The bonus was $1000/acre and 20% on a producer’s 88. Anybody have an idea of what the market is these days?

Camille, that offer is a bit low. 25% should be obtainable, along with a significantly higher bonus. You may want to reach out to the forum sponsors to see what they're seeing in your area of Martin County.

Also, it is likely there are a number of amendments you'll want to make to the lease form to make it more favorable for you.

Thanks, Wolfcamp Shale.

RSP Permian buys Silver Hill: impacts Loving and Winkler counties

What is the going bonus for a three year lease in Section 31, Block 34, T3N in survey T&P Railroad Co. a/k/a Abstract 28? I have a client whose total family interest is 75 net mineral acres that is currently unleased.

I continue to receive a large number of unsolicited offers for my interest in Martin County. One guy called me and said they were just packaging and would hold until they had a decent amount and then sell to someone else.

I told him that I had received 60 unsolicited offers on one tract in the past two years. He asked if I would sell if they could beat the high offer.

Is the excitement county wide or tract specific?

It's really basin-wide with many calling the Permian land rush Permania. Much of Martin County is in the "core" of the Midland sub-basin of the larger Permian Basin. Chances are that all 60 unsolicited offers are under market right now.

We are planning to sign a lease in the very near future. I read a post on here awhile back on terms a lessor should include in a lease, but I cannot find it now. Can anyone help us with this? Thank you.

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My family and I have 2 areas of land for lease in Dawson County, there are 4 of us, we only own the minerals, we do not want to sale, we have one area that is 240 acres, it is in Block 35 section 2 T4N, the 160 is in Block 35 Section 28 T5N. please contact me at if you have any questions. thank you

Received a call today informing me that i would be receiving a package for ratification of and consent to pooling on a tract currently held by production with several vertical wells. Why do i need to sign and what happens if i do not sign? I do not have executory rights.

WARNING STAY AWAY FOR AUGUSTA ENERGY!!!! NO IDEA WHO THEY REALLY ARE BUT STAY AWAY!! offered to lease our land we agreed and the asked or a bunch of info and Vanished. STAY AWAY

William Douglas,

If you do not have an answer to your questions concerning Ratification / Pooling, feel free to contact me and I'll help explain.

Would like to know the going rate per net mineral acre for selling mineral interests in Martin County? Thank you.

I have an offer on the table at $17,500 per acre and it is a NPI with a 1/6 royalty.

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My family and I have 2 areas of land to LEASE not sale in DAWSON county there are 4 of us, we have 240 acres in section 2 block 35 T4N, we have had wells on this land before, just not drilled but about 5000 ft so I know there is oil there, plus we have 160 acres for lease it is located at section 28 block 35 T5N, we are open to lease all together or by themselves.

please contact me on here or at

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