Marathon Royalty & Casillas Royalty

A well is drilled in a spacing unit. Most of the time the unit is 640 acres. Some are now 1280 units. A multi-unit well will be a well that is drilled through 1 & more units. In your case my guess is it’s a multi-unit well combining Section 2 & Section 11.

I have a question in the same area. They just had a permit given for Casillas for one of the new Prairie wells. Section 33 4n4w. They are supposed to drill three new ones. On the daily well reports it shows two entries. They show the same well name but a different api number. Is this one well, two wells or what! I would appreciate some education on this. Thanks! Tom

P.S. I haven’t figured out how to paste a photo of the well report here yet. I am on an iPad. It never shows paste.

Read the name of each well all the way out to the end. You will see Prairie 0404 33-28 3WXH and 4WXH (There may also be a 2WXH coming-see below display). The name has clues. 0404 is 04N04W, 33-28 indicates the sections that plan to be perforated, 3 WXH is one well and it is a Woodford eXtended Horizontal well (two sections). 4WXH is a different well. You caught on that the API is different. Each well has a unique identifying number from the American Petroleum Institute.

Each well will have a different decimal amount since they are different lengths and the perforations will be different.