Low production


The Completion Report for the Lowers 4-14-1-2XHS in 23-7-6 showed 99 bpd, with production beginning on October 10, with no Gross Production report yet.

Lowers 4 99 bpd.pdf (500.3 KB)

But the Gross Production report for the Lowers 3 showed 39,748.95 for November only.

Lowers 3 gr prod.pdf (373.1 KB)

There are 4 Lowers wells drilled, the Lowers 2,3,4, and 5, and all should have been completed and producing considering each of their spud dates, maybe all in October like the Lowers 4.

But there are no Completion Reports or Gross Production Reports for the Lowers wells except for the 3 and 4 as above.

So the 39,748.95 barrel for the Lowers 3 is probably for only one month, November, since production began on October 10.

But the question is does the 39,748.95 barrels include the gross production from the other 3 Lowers wells.

Even if it includes all 4 for November, the average production is 9,937 barrels per month or 331 bpd per well, which a lot more than the 99 bpd reported for the Lowers 4.

It is confusing and it should be cleared up when all the Completion Reports and Gross Production reports are filed.

But, as for now, it also gives me “a lot better feeling about the project”, R_Heston!


The Lowers 2 does not show a spud date but the other 3 were all spud about the same time in April and May.

So there may be production from only 3 wells, instead of 4, which makes the worst case scenario even better i.e. 442 bpd instead of 331 bpd.

At any rate, a lot more than 99 bpd!


Thank you Brian Stamps for the “smoke & mirrors” comment. Can’t blame the employees of these companies for the company shortcomings…I am so sorry I ever signed a lease with any of these guys, corporate America is so tricky! I have a 1099 that I paid tax on for $$ never received!