Low production

The Completion Report for the Lowers 4-14-1-2XHS in 23-7-6 showed 99 bpd, with production beginning on October 10, with no Gross Production report yet.

Lowers 4 99 bpd.pdf (500.3 KB)

But the Gross Production report for the Lowers 3 showed 39,748.95 for November only.

Lowers 3 gr prod.pdf (373.1 KB)

There are 4 Lowers wells drilled, the Lowers 2,3,4, and 5, and all should have been completed and producing considering each of their spud dates, maybe all in October like the Lowers 4.

But there are no Completion Reports or Gross Production Reports for the Lowers wells except for the 3 and 4 as above.

So the 39,748.95 barrel for the Lowers 3 is probably for only one month, November, since production began on October 10.

But the question is does the 39,748.95 barrels include the gross production from the other 3 Lowers wells.

Even if it includes all 4 for November, the average production is 9,937 barrels per month or 331 bpd per well, which a lot more than the 99 bpd reported for the Lowers 4.

It is confusing and it should be cleared up when all the Completion Reports and Gross Production reports are filed.

But, as for now, it also gives me “a lot better feeling about the project”, R_Heston!

The Lowers 2 does not show a spud date but the other 3 were all spud about the same time in April and May.

So there may be production from only 3 wells, instead of 4, which makes the worst case scenario even better i.e. 442 bpd instead of 331 bpd.

At any rate, a lot more than 99 bpd!

Thank you Brian Stamps for the “smoke & mirrors” comment. Can’t blame the employees of these companies for the company shortcomings…I am so sorry I ever signed a lease with any of these guys, corporate America is so tricky! I have a 1099 that I paid tax on for $$ never received!

Another low producer from the Springer, the first of 4 Hart wells.

Maybe the actual Gross Production will be much higher.

Hart 3 144.7b.pdf (494.5 KB)

Gordon- are you getting paid for any of the wells in Section 25-7N-6W yet?

Only for the first Pyle well last year and it has stopped paying while the other Pyle wells and the Hart and Williams Wells are fracked.

How about you?

Have not been paid on anything. I participated in the 4 Hart Wells & the 3 Wheeler Farms wells so I get the daily production information, but can’t get Continental to tell me why they won’t pay me for the minerals.

wheeler farm Number 1 production started 4/23 wheeler farms number 2 production started 4/8 wheeler farms number 3 production started 3/31 hart number 1 production started 4/28 hart number 2 production started 4/08 hart number 3 production started 4/02 hart number 4 production started 3/31

IF the Oklahoma tax site is correct I would not expect to be START being paid until August or September if past is prelude. We usually don’t start getting paid for 5- 6 months from first production. Best case would be some payment in June for production in April but I am not holding by breath. We are also in the Wheeler farms wells and I can not even get the production yet!

I have all of the production information on those wells as I participated in them. I just want to get paid on the Pyle #1-36-25 well that had first production in Feb 2018.

I received monthly checks from August until about Feb 2019 when they stopped for fracking the other wells.

How abou you?

Way to go on participation, Todd, particularly on the Pyle wells!

But the first Hart well only showed 144 bpd when completed on Apri 6.

How much GP since then?

Hopefully a lot more than 144 bpd.

Gordon: I couldn’t participate in any of the Pyle wells because the Woodford was HBP by an old well. Here is some production information for the Springer wells that are at least part of Section 25:

Name Gross Production Average Last Date Hart #1 38,984 BO 974 1104 6/8 Hart #2 39,365 BO 866 818 6/8 Hart #3 49,151 BO 733 696 6/8 Hart #4 32,271 BO 467 430 6/8 Wheeler Farms #1 39,095 BO 1056 928 6/2 Wheeler Farms #2 56,757 BO 1031 925 6/2

I believe the reason your checks stopped is not from being shut-in for fracking of offsets. I believe it is because Continental was notified that it was paying the wrong parties and is re-doing their title opinion/pay deck. I’m trying to get to the bottom of their problem and even though I have helped them with the problem, they still don’t want to answer me when I ask how long until I get paid. In December 2018, they said it would be in January 2019. 5 months later, crickets.

Thanks Todd. The figures on the 4 Hart wells are very encouraging. The only Completion Report I have is for the Hart 3 and it showed 144 bpd. Your actual production figure of 733 bpd is over 5 times as much.

Hart 3 144.7b.pdf (494.5 KB)

I’ll bet the other 3 Hart wells do the same.

Just like M Barnes said.

Sorry about the Pyle wells but way to go on participating in the Hart wells!

Here is the survey for the 4 Hart wells.

Looks like production was better on the west side of 25, gradually going down from west to east.

Hart wells survey.pdf (178.9 KB)

South is better than east.

Gordon: There is a better display of where the Hart wells, Williams wells, Pyle & Wheeler Farms wells are located in OCC CD#201809271.

Todd you are kind to share. Do you also have the production figures for number 3 wheeler farms?

Thanks Todd and Jake for all your information.

Here’s a survey for the Hart, Williams, and Pyle wells.

11 wells 36-25-24-7-6.pdf (200.0 KB)

And here is the Wheeler Farms survey.

Sec 25 and surrounding is starting to look a lot like the Bakken!

Wheeler Farms.pdf (164.9 KB)

And 30/31-7-5, adjacent on the east of the 25-7-6 wells hit the 4 Triple H wells last year, 4 Springer wells totaling over 6,000 boe/d.


Here’s a great article on the Triple H wells and the Springer and Woodford formations.


So we’ve got 5 Pyle wells, 4 Hart wells, 4 Williams wells, 3 Wheeler Farms wells and 4 Triple H wells right next to each other.

Getting more like the Bakken all the time!

The above article says the Triple H wells were developed in the “thicker” part of the Springer.

Thicker part of Springer.pdf (2.0 MB)

And it says that in 2019 they will focus on the rows 2 and 3 immediately west of the Triple H in the “thicker” part of the formation. And that’s just what the did with the Hart and Wheeler Farms wells.


It was a great plan and they are really executing it!