Looking for advice about DAVID BOWYER (Tyler Cty., W.Va.)

I just LOVE this website because of the help and advice I receive. Here is my latest dilemma. Apparently EQT in 2019 SOLD interests that I am part of to a person by the name of DAVID BOWYER. I never received much in the way of royalties with EQT and they were NOT the best to deal with either. After I kept after them with several emails they informed me they sold to this person. And something about UPPER PORTION OF THE WELLS? Along with that, they told me HE was responsible for any royalty payments. After bugging them more for an address, I wrote a letter with of course NO RESPONSE!!! Looking for suggestions on what I should do next?

Debra: David Boyer , Alma, WV. was assigned the shallow rights to this well if we are talking about the same well and was pooled in the Yurigan 2V-1 South unit. As of December 31, 2019 the well was turned in to line but now is abandoned. Do not think it produced very long or do not know how much it produced. API number for the well is 47-095-02345. Hope this helps.

David E Bower 12088 Middle Island Road, Alma, WV 26320-0000 (304) 758-0672 Link to WV Secretary of State website for information on this business organization http://apps.sos.wv.gov/business/corporations/organization.aspx?org=8220


This one intrigued me so I did some digging. Looks like Mr. Bowyer has been accumulating oil and gas rights since 2001. He stared small through tax sales and has purchased from bigger entities like Antero, Statoil (Equinor), Triad Hunter, etc. That’s pretty significant.

I also found that he’s the “operator” of 51 wells in Tyler County, albeit most of them are abandoned. It doesn’t look like all of them are shallow either. I see some are producing from deeper formations such as the Devonian and Rhinestreet Shales although those are right above the Marcellus.

When will your lease expire or when was the last time that you received royalties? Does your lease have a provision about how long an operator has to make a royalty payment to you?

These are your next questions to pursue in my opinion.

Hope this helps!