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Apparently, we inherited some mineral rights from an old uncle. My wife’s aunt is handling the initial paperwork.

It’s in Grady County 26-8N-7W and through the use of this site I found where Travis Peak Resources has been issued a permit. Is there any way to find out when they might start drilling or would we need to go through Travis Peaks to get that?

Just curious to know more.



I would expect some activity soon. The well you reference appears to be a multiunit horizontal spanning 23 & 26-8N-7W, the CHASTAIN 1H-26-23 (API 3505124205). A quick look shows that the well was initially spud 10/12/2017 targeting the Mississippian, but something happened where it doesn’t look like it was completed.

TPR recently filed an ammendment to their application to drill listing the new target as the Woodford with an expected start date of 10/12/18.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, every little bit is helpful at this point.


So, our Aunt sent the paper work back for the “Affidavit of Death & Heirship” around mid June. What’s the next step with this? Does it go in front of a Judge for approval? From conversations that she has had, she thought we would have heard something by now.


Found out yesterday that our uncle supposedly owns all the mineral rights but, the land he owned back then was only 2.5 acres, which I’m guessing by the time everything gets broken out, it won’t amount to much?


This is a great place to get info Chuck I have been learning a lot lol


2.5 acres will split up, but if each of you works with the others in leasing, you have more power than alone.


If we are already in a pool, do we have any power to negotiate?


If you have already been pooled and it is 20 days past the order, then no you don’t have any power to negotiate. If you have just received the pooling notice and there is no order, then you can still negotiate. If you have been pooled and have an order and are in the first few days of the 20 days, then you can select one of the options from the pooling order or still negotiate with another company. If you go with another company, you have to get them the signed lease (and you get a check-no draft of 30 days) in time for them to file at the courthouse before the 20 days are up.