Lease offers in Pecos County


Hi Vicky , good to hear from you. I will look on the map I was sent in this forum to see where your sections are from us - can't be too far! Would love to hear what you are seeing in terms of lease offers!


83 is on top of86. Email me

Better to talk privately.


John - The lawyer I’ve been using is from one of the majors in Houston, v good but very expensive. Do you have someone closer to Permian country that you like and could recommend? We’ve gotten an offer in Block 112, Sec 11, and I need it reviewed. Thank you in advance.


John, any thoughts for me on a good attorney - I’d really appreciate it.


I just sold mineral rights in Permian and the legal doc was 1 page. We had many offers and at the end took top 3 and asked them to submit last and final. We received $28,000 per acre and just sold half. We went with Cazadores and the experience was excellent. This was our first time doing this so we spent 6 months investigating.


Good morning Clint. Hou do I get the section and survey boundaries to show up on the RRC map? Thanks. Retired xom


We have 20 acres in Pecos County. We have an offer to sell rather than lease. It was much less than you got. Did you have an attorney negotiate for you? How do you know what’s fair?


John, saw this post. Can you share the lawyer you contracted with to negotiate your lease? Thank you! Debbie


Is anyone familiar with Gary Permian activities in Section 118, Pecos County? What is the current going rate of lease purchases in that area? Thanks, LM


Please add the block. Likely several Sec. 118s in Pecos Co.


Sorry. It’s Block 118. Sections 7, 11 and 19. I have other sections in that block in Pecos County.