Lavaca County


Hello. I’ve just discovered this is a new well revised Mineral Rights Forum, since I haven’t received any new email alerts of discussion on here in months. So am I not in the right spot to see new discussions regarding Lavaca County oil/gas news? I only see old conversations from 2017 and back. How do I find any new discussions recently for Lavaca County or is there any new discussions? Anyone else having a hard time finding similar topics to read regarding your interests in this new forum or is it just me? I can’t figure out how to use this new site… I liked the old way better… :frowning:

Thanks. Pat


I moved your question into the Lavaca County discussion area.
Read the Get Started tab at the top and it will help you get set up. As you use the new forum, it will get easier and it is so much more powerful than the old one.