Lavaca County TX Oil & Gas Permits

October 19, 2018

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November 09, 2018

Did I miss the info A rig moved in 2 weeks ago north of Hallettsville off Hwy77 and CR240 looks like a smaller rig any info wildcat oil are gas.0

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January 17, 2019


Has anyone heard anything on New PSA wells around Moulton. We signed division orders for Pavlicek/Barazza last year but still has not been permitted and cannot get any info from Penn.

Hello Daryl,

I suggest to contact Penn Virgina with email with issues include the following: Your Order# Name of Oil/well unit TO:

Below is the contact: Karen Thomas

Manager, Revenue Accounting


They will reply within a few days or weeks in my case.

After you signed the division orders did you return the forms to Penn Virginia 14701 Sanit Mary’s Lane, Ste.275 Houston, Tx 77079 Attn: Land Dept. or email scanned completed form to

Maybe they never receivied your division orders. They will keep your payments until all the paper work is compled.

Raymond Tousek We have PSA wells around Moulton as well.

Good luck.

Hey Raymond,

Thanks for the response. It turns out they will not be drilling the Pavlicek/Barazza well because they could not get enough signatures to do so. Does not make much sense to me but I guess it is what it is…

How do us ole timers get to the “messages”…what am I missing in the new format?