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You need to read the article Martha posted about the profit margin on owning minerals and the reasons so many operators are jumping into buying minerals in their own leases.

Maybe behind a WSJ paywall, but good article showing how percentage of world surface suffering wildfires is actually declining. To be clear, not a climate denier, but the shrillness and outright hysteria in a lot of press reports makes my eyes glaze over. The strained tie ins to climate change for any type of news is making people desensitized to the issue, in my opinion.

The world is not on fire

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I don’t believe that the Oklahoma Production Revenue Standards Act would allow for such deductions.

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SEC climate cudgel

It is still not too late to urge your congressional representatives to resist this SEC proposed climate disclosure rule submitted for public comment last spring. If adopted, the rule will impose staggering disclosure costs on all public companies, but especially all companies producing hydrocarbons upstream/midstream/downstream, the mandated disclosures will furnish environmentalists with a litigation cudgel to wield against energy companies.

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