Hughes Co Section 15-6N-9E

Trying to determine if I have the right operator in this section. We have interests in the NW corner of Sec 15 and it looks as though Corterra Energy has a well near there but not certain it includes our 2.28 NMA. Have not received any Royalties yet unless they are being paid though different company and I have not connected the dots yet. Any feed back is welcome.

The Jessica 1411-1XH has a surface location in 15, but the well is drilled into 14 and 11 and the perforations are in those sections. So they would get the royalties.

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Yes, the Jessica. That is the Conterra well I was looking at but like I said no royalties. Now I know why. The lease has expired so wonder if we will get any more offers in this area, or anywhere for that matter, right now. Thanks

These cycles come and go. The industry will get a good shaking up and then we will see. I tend to be an optimist. When it is economic to drill again, there will be drillers.

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