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Howard County /A-140/Section25/Block32T1N Any known activity or any pending activity in near future?


Good Morning All ,


Have a serious issue with the operator that recently drilled a well under our property. When the research for the division order was done , they did not pick up on the net revenue interest that I believe I own . I have my own abstract work that I paid a certified professional land man to do , which shows I still own an interest in , even after my grandfather sold off some Royalty over the years . Anyone here ever come across this ? What to do ?



Lemme guess, is Surge the Operator?


Good Morning Ronnie. At this time I see no new activity in your immediate area. Next door to the West I see 4 permitted location but only one of those locations(39017)has been spud(July 8, 2017).

GIS Map of Hoard County A-140/Section 25/Blk 32T1N:


Clint Liles


No sir . You have similar trouble?


Jon, take your abstract work to a expert oil and gas title attorney. If he agrees with you, then he will need to contact the operator and show them where they erred. You will need the attorney to do this because most operators tend to ignore the mineral owners. Best case, the operator will agree with your attorney and make the changes. Worst case, you will have to sue the operator.


Thanks Dave . Kinda figured it would come down to having to sue , hope not though. Just get the feeling that they kinda jus skim through the records and be done with it . Dam shame when you have to fight tooth and nail for something that is yours !


Jon, Dave Christian is right. You will need an attorney, and as he pointed out, not just any attorney but an oil & gas title attorney. The attorney will review your title and if it lines up with what you think, they will send those details to the Operator certified mail/return receipt requested. The Operator has to respond with a detailed explanation of why you aren't in pay. It can take some time to work through this process but rest assured, if you are "in title" you will get paid the entire amount owed to you since first production. If the Operator has been paying someone else in error, that's up to them to recover, not you.


Thank you Texas Owner .


I'm looking to find a mineral rights appraiser for Howard County. I recently sold the interest and the appraisal is for the pre-production fair market value at the time I inherited the interest in 2006.




Louis Posgate---512)858-7672


David Shetler---210)■■■■

Clint Liles


Thank you Mr Liles!!


Can anyone confirm that horizontal permits have been filed to drill on the section/block and township below:

Tract 1: Section 38, Block 31, Township 2 North, T&P RR Co.


Grenadier has a permit for a well that starts in Section 3, south of Section38, going north and ending in Section 38.


Can anyone tell me if there's a way to follow the progress of drilling? We have mineral rights in section 25, Blk 32 T2N and the last anyone mentioned a well had been spud and casing set. I'd love to be able to follow progress but don't know if it's possible.


There are now 5 approved permits for wells in Section 24 ending in Section 25.

API 227-39225/39226/39229/39413 and 39414

39225-spud 8/28/2017

29226-spud 8/27/2017

39229-No spud date

39413-permit approved 4/6/2018

39414-permit approved 4/6/2018///spud date 1/30/2018

GIS Map of Howard County of Section 25/Block 32 T2N/A-275:


Clint Liles


Robert, unless your lease requires the lessee to give you the information, then you have to rely on public data sources such as the TRC.


I also have small mineral rights (7.7) E/2 of section 25, Block 32 T2N. I see two permits 39414 and 39413that I believe are in my area. I can not tell from the viewer if 39229 is part of E/2.. I guess that spud means the drill casing has been placed. Can someone explain to me the process from this point to production if any of these go into production and the time it might take. Thanks for any help. I am learning.


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Clint,Good Morning, Well the offer guy is back and offering more than twice he went from 20 to 50. I have 5 acres A140/Section25/Blk32T1N. Clint, I want to go to the court house and see what I really own. What do I ask to see? And what information will I be looking for? Thanks…thinking we better set tight for now. Have A Great Day and Thanks Again Ronnie & June