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Yes, CH, that was my understanding. So I’d be interested to know: 1) Does anyone have any idea of the going rate for selling NPRI? (I outlined some details 4 and 6 posts below.) There are horizontal wells less than a mile south of us. 2) I understand leasing in terms of the mineral owner (who may be the land owner) signing a lease with an oil operator giving them rights to drill well(s). Is there another use of the word? People have suggested I lease rather than sell. I don’t imagine a decimal of NPRI can be leased…?



We own minerals in Howard County and have received a lot of offers lately to sell. We also have NPRI’s in various counties. I advise you not to sell or do anything with your interests until you know their value. I have looked back at most of your posts and the replies and have not seen a property description. Thats the first step. I have been in contact with several companies interested in our Howard County Minerals and once I get a property description, I’ll ask them what they would offer. that would at least give you a baseline to work with.

Since you said that the well has been producing, but at a low volume, any production attributable to your interest is taxable. So, there should be a tax statement available for your interest at the Howard County CAD. That statement usually contains a property description of sorts.

If I missed something and you have already done all of this - disregard. If not, I will be happy to assist.


Clint Liles do you see anything happening at section 18 blk31 T2N. I hear SM is suppose to spud a couple wells?



I too have NPRI in West Texas (different county) and have received 25 unsolicited offers so far this year. Today I was offered $14,900 per net acre

This interest generates about $8.50 per net mineral acre per month on a 18% royalty…go figure.


Hello Gary…Sorry I couldn’t answer you sooner but have been with a Friend all evening…Yes, you are right about the 2 approved permits by SM Energy. Well 39287 permit was approved on 9-22-2017 and well 39288 permit was approved on 9-18-2017.

Link to approved permit for well 39287:…

Approved permit for well 39288 is very similar.

GIS Map of Howard County Section 18/Block 31 T2N:


Clint Liles


I own 67.9378125 total net mineral acres in Howard County. All of the North half of Section 17 and the South half of Section 19, Block 25 and North half of section 36, Block 25. Any advice on selling some interest and what a good price would be. Activity in that area???


angela… there are several companies that buy there. I added you as a friend. I can give you some companies I have had great experiences with (leasing and selling) and the ones I would steer clear from :slight_smile:


What now? I am completely new to the oil and gas industry. To my huge surprise I learned a couple of months ago that I inherited royalty interest on Block 32 Section 13 T2N in Howard County from my great grandmother. I have 100% royalty on 8.71666 acres / .0279111752 on 312.3 acres. I have had several fairly large offers to purchase my interest. Any news on this area of Howard County? I am thinking I will just sit on it but are $ in hand better than waiting? Thanks for any input and education you can offer.


I would advise you to sit tight. There are producing horizontal wells to your west and permits to drill horizontal wells to your north and south. If someone is willing to buy your interest then they are going to make money on it. It may be a few years before you get drilled but hang on.


Own 1.7 acres tract2 NE/4 of section 31. Township a3n blk 32 abstact 290 Is there any drilling activity ? Have been contacted by several companies who want to buy my mineral rights The land is current under nlease to Finley Resources for the last 2 yrs. Havent recieved anything from them Would like to know what price these rights are worth.


To all mineral owners, STAY AWAY FROM AUGUSTA ENERGY, not sure who they really are but if you are contacted by them STAY AWAY. made us a offer to lease in Dawson county and we agreed, and then refused to answer Emails or texts.


I own a royalty interest in Sec 38 Block 33 T2N and in Sec 34 Block T2N. Always have received a few offers a month to purchase, but recently the amount offered has increased by 4 to 5 times and I and I was wondering if anyone know why. I know that some of the leases are being worked by Breitburn, which is apparently still in bankruptcy. The others by Callon. I’ve always intended to keep the royalties, but the offering price is getting a little hard to resist. Anyone have any ideas?



I think everyone in Howard County is getting crazy offers. I am not sure if this is a bait and switch or that they know something we don’t know. My philosophy is to never sell minerals. I have never regretted declining all of these offers. You have to be very careful with these buyers as some are not very ethical. I realize others might be in a different position where the interest is very small or they need the money. If you decide to sell, seek legal counsel first on the form of assignment. Also, don’t accept a draft. Trade the signed assignment for a certified check. Don’t give them an assignment without getting the certified check at the same time.


I know the Grenadier people and I have the utmost confidence in them. I can’t speak to their drilling plans but they are honest people. Assuming they are offering you terms that are acceptable to you, they will do what they say.



If you send me an email with your phone number, I can give you a bit more information. My email is



That depends on what information you need. The Texas Railroad Commission is a good resource to find out well and production information. If you need to know your lease terms, then you can find a copy of that in the Howard County records. If your property is producing and you want to know your ownership decimal, either look at your check stub, most recent tax statement, or go to the Howard County Appraisal District website.

I found a copy of the memorandum for your prior lease that expired on October 1, 2017, but the newly executed one (assuming there is one) does not appear to be filed yet.


Which the best service for acquiring information about currently leased parcels in Howard County?


Has anyone had leasing experience with Nickel River Royalties? I received an offer to lease in BLK 34 SEC 34. Offer 5K bonus (per acre) and 1/4 royalty. I’ve been blasted for the past year with sell offers and this is the first lease offer in a long while so I’m curious.


Is there a standard gross number of acres for what constitutes a section in Howard County? Across Texas?