Help please, received cash offer for mineral rights in Borden County TX

Can anyone please help me? I’ve got inherited mineral rights to 20 acres in Borden County TX. I’ve received a cash purchase offer from a landman.

  • Any recommendations on to sell mineral rights or not at this time?
  • Any recommendations for next steps in cross referencing value/worth?
  • Any recommended internet sites to double check land information, wells in area, etc?
  • Any recommendations for a professional person to talk to, for help with the above? Thanks so much for your assistance.

I have been working with a mineral appraiser and that has been going well. I guess I could share that info with you if you give me a good email or phone for you. Keep in mind that if you sell you will need to pay long term capital gains tax and will need a retrospective mineral appraisal on the value of your minerals on the date of inheritance.

The GIS viewer on the Texas Railroad Commission website will help you with your search of nearby activity. Do you have a legal description?