Where can I inquire about Oil and Gas rights inherited many years ago? I have the coordinates from a proposed lease for 1995, but no other paperwork.

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Hi… I’m not an attorney or Landman but I’d start with the county clerks office… they should have any record by last name

The wife and I have spent the past two years in both the Eliot & Waldron title office and the county courthouse (across the street from E&W) in Lovington.

You will either need to go there yourself OR hire someone to do the work for you (not cheap).

We discovered so much about my family by doing the research ourselves. But we retired about three years ago and HAD the time to do this. Plus we only live about a four hour drive from Lovington.

Good luck.

You have about a year to clear this up. Because sometime in 2020 (current prediction is summer 2020) the pipeline from Midland Texas to Hobbs should be finished Once complete, costs involved to get the raw oil to the refinery will go down And I’ve read where all the larger oil companies are starting to lease and even attempt to purchase mineral rights.

Hope that helps. It’s a lot to learn, but with a little help from folks here and then time (or money) to do the research, you can find out all you need to go forward.


We chose to hire a landman to do our research. Her name is Jamie Ramage who works for Mustang Oil & Gas based in Roswell. She is very good. If you don’t have the time or inclination to do the work yourself, check her out.