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The owner of Whiting in divorce issue that has stalled some drilling. I use to work in oil sales. This area of Bakken is listed as questionable development


Seismic permit number 970242. Completed in June. 139, 140, 141-103, 104, 105


I knew about Harold Hamm and Continental being in a spot with a divorce, I didn’t realize that Whiting was in a similar situation.

People often forget that the Bakken is not the be all and end all, that vertical wells in the state have given more bang for the buck than the johnny come lately horizontal wells. I know I need to be patient but I can hardly wait to get my first Red River well.


** I hate to go on these sites and to my own better good judgment ** I did.** **

Look at well # 26059, 26058,25395,25240,23280,26351,25134. Well # 20969 was not a RD and well 25792 just has a well head. I have been at each of these sites and if you would go to the DMR site and look at the GIS map you will see what each well is as


The wells so far in GV red river have been very good. Only one dry hole in KC Ranch but everything else is been profitable. Be patient.
Remember that if you lease (you keep 20% of your oil & the other 80% is sold back to the oil company) the bonus and royalty payments are taxed as ordinary income tax. Which is the highest tax for income. So don’t be surprised if your bonus check is taxed 34 % or higher. Uncle Sam will get his share, no way around it.
If you do working interest ( you keep 100% of your oil) is taxed at lower tax bracket and you can expense your cost of the well and pay much less to Uncle Sam.
While you are waiting for the well to drilled you may want to check with your CPA about the amount taxes your pay with that bonus check.

The cost of transportation is the major expense for getting oil to market, when we get a pipe line or rail port to move the oil drilling will pick up in GV.


Bruce, I’m not seeing what you are talking about either. I saw one where a dry hole overlapped a cancelled permit and looked like two, you have to zoom in to get details like that. Sometimes you have to zoom in to see whats what. Maybe you were mistaken about the numbers on the others and also are you sure they were all Red River that you were looking at? There certainly are a number of dry holes in the Red River from 20-30 years ago which I don’t totally discount, except when they are right next to a good Red River well.


What were the names if those wells?


26059 PNC cancelled is not a dry hole.

26058 producing well. 4,225 barrels in July. T-155 R101 sec.34

25395 KG Ranch, DRY. The Maus is less than 1/2 mile from this

25240 KG Ranch, DRY. Interesting that the Drilling Report for the KOG well Nelson 156-100-17-20-3H is in this wellfile.

23280 lost conductor and never got more than a few hundred feet down, conflicting whether it was to be a Red River or a Deadwood pool.

26351 Red River DRY, for a vertical well it is about as straight as a corkscrew, from the drilling logs there were promising indicators in several formations and I don’t think we will ever know the full story on this one.

25134 PNC (permit now cancelled) not a dry hole.

Do not be upset, if you are upset you didn’t learn anything and I know I did. Just because someone disagrees with you it is not a personal attack. I suspected that you were misinterpreting the symbols on the map and this seems to be part of what is going on here.

Everybody here wants the most accurate information they can get and I presume you do too? And that you would want to know? Bruce, I will thank you right now for contributing. Thanks.


I was looking at the GIS map for wells drilled in the Big Island. Wells starting with numbers 20000 and up. I found 5 vertical Red River wells and one Horizontal well that were dry.


I’ve kept track of the Beach area somewhat, not the far north area of GV though. Here is what I have for both dry holes or abandoned.

20969-Nistler was H, dry; now SWD


23280 & 23598- Kittleson, first one they had drilling problems, so moved a short distance and drilled another which was dry.

25240 &25395- KG Ranch, both posted as dry.

25638- Lardy

26056- Schaal

26351- Lechler

Abandoned wells below:

22956- Schaal was an H, never produced oil

23936- Faiman, produced 10 bbl oil

25338- Jandt, never produced oil, drilled into a 2nd pool called Interlake, and that was labled as dry. 25134-Jandt is pnc.

25792-Wirtzfeld, produced 25 bbls oil.


Snues, we were talking Red River, not that there were no bad wells, in the Bakken formation, the Tyler formation, the Deadwood formation which from all the information I could gather was likely to be gas only and the Three Forks. In a large part of the Bakken all you have to do is drill the well competently and the success rate is 99% and people have gotten spoiled.

The success rate in the Red River in GV county would have had people jumping for joy 20 years ago and I see no reason to blame experimental wells in other formations and initial mechanical failures on the Red River formation. Or calling expired permits dry wells.

There are more good Red River wells than there are bad in recent history above the 20,000 series and it’s still early days. I think if you are going to Poo Poo the Red River today, you probably would have done the same for the Bakken farther east 15 years ago. I see no reason to be pessimistic about the Red River at the moment and I think there is some reason for optimism.


How can I find out when section 6 of 140-104 was leased? Much thanks.


Geradld, tor a $25 subscription to the NDRIN Recorders Network, you could search for all leases and memorandum of leases in that legal description. They take credit cards. Wnen you have found what you want, be sure to cancel the subscription so it does not become a recurring charge.


Drilling permit for Whiting in Golden Valley, listed October 1 in the Daily Report:

WHITING OIL AND GAS CORPORATION, LARDY 44-6, SESE 6-140N-104W, GOLDEN VALLEY CO., 1040’ FSL and 940’ FEL, WILDCAT, WILDCAT, ‘Tight Hole’, 2820’ Ground, API #33-■■■■1
#29563 - STATOIL OIL &


In 6-140-104, Sampson Resources drilled a dry hole in 1981, Waldahl 1.


with the lardy name, I thought maybe they were going to drill nearby the dry hole one, previously drilled by petro-hunt. I think whiting bought out petro in the gv area. I see its a different t/r all together.

NDIC File No: 25638 API No: 33-■■■■3-00-00
Well Type: OG Well Status: DRY Status Date: 10/11/2013 Wellbore type: Vertical
Location: SWNW 24-139-105 Footages: 1855 FNL 660 FWL Latitude: 46.841629 Longitude: -103.878325
Current Operator: PETRO-HUNT, L.L.C.
Current Well Name: LARDY 139-105-24B-3-1
Elevation(s):** 2885 GL ** Total Depth: Field: WILDCAT
Spud Date(s): 7/31/2013
Casing String(s): **9.675" 1877’ ** **5.5" 8283’ **
Completion Data
Pool: TYLER Comp: 10/11/2013 Status: DRY Date: 10/11/2013


Robert, I see that I had misunderstood the “red river” formation, when I saw the dry hole posting, I was just thinking of dry holes within that beach area.


R W Kennedy I see your from Texas, are you a landman ?


Our lease with Empire Oil expires this month. Has anybody had recent contact from them or a renewal? If so, were the terms less, equal or greater than previously?


Does anyone know if they are going to do any drilling in Golden Valley or is the area pretty much a no go?