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My grandmother, Lillian Horner Parish, was one of the inheritors of Lillian Horner Foutty’s share of the E. Z. and Amy Horner property. I received and offer for purchase of my interest inherited from my grandmother for $5500/acre with no retention of mineral rights. Since I live in Colorado I am unfamiliar with the purchase and minerals retention standards in Wetzel County I would be grateful for any guidance in this area. The parcels in question are 02-11-54, 02-15-18 and 02-15-16. My grandfather, Grover C. Parish, was a wildcatter and driller who moved to Texas and was a part of the oil boom in the Lower Permian Basin in the 20’s and 30’s, but I am a consultant in the renewable energy industry…but a firm believer that energy security involves all forms of energy.


how many are on the mineral lease ownership, my mom was lillian beha foutty, and i own a share in grant district my email fouttyr@aol.com