First offer to lease 28-10-7 Northern Grady


They’re (Jones) is doing an emergency hearing on October 16 for drill testing.


Ask if they filed the lease at the court house. If they did not, which they should not have done, no other company knows about the lease they are sending you back. If they did file it, they will need to file a release at the court house. Other companies know who is leased and who isn’t leased by doing searches of the records to see who owns the minerals, and who in that group of owners are free to lease.


You dont want TRP as your operator.I have them and they are claiming the ran into shortages to complete the Kroix well in McClain County sec-34/7N/4W.Well the more I talked to them they told me they were new and had only completed 2 wells in the permian.Could not tell me when I would start to receive funds from the well because they dont even have production numbers yet even though the well was spudded on 2/28/2018.This tells me they are short for cash to finish the well.Now this is TRP mid-con out of Houston Texas.I heard from a friend there is another TRP outfit that has been in business longer.


Never mind my post above.I read your operator wrong.I thought it was TRP not TPR.


I asked him and he wasn’t sure. He said he would check this morning and let me know and if they did then they’ll send a release… I hope this doesn’t hold us up even longer.


Looks like TPR is planning on drilling in 10-8-7. 10-8-7 1.pdf (238.4 KB) 10-8-7 2.pdf (202.2 KB)


I was contacted yesterday by TPR, they told me they are not going to drill in 28-10-7, they are going to let Jones Energy drill but TPR was still going to be in control of the operation. I am not sure what that means, but that is what I was told. They told me something came up


Debra, have you anything about sec 9 9n 7w also sec 4


I haven’t seen anything in those sections, Pepper, but I’ll keep on the look out.


thank you, I have talked with a continental rep about the pad sight in sec 9. One well sec 9 & 4 and another sec 9 & 16 9n 7w