Find My Lease


I’ve inherited a lease in Gaines County and would like to find it. I’m not an oil person and a company has asked to lease it from me. I’m in the area and would like to find it. I havent had much luck entering the information on the mineral deed into search engines. I have Section numbers and block numbers. How can I pin point these leases on a map and actually drive there?

Hi Marlin! If you will post the legal description or send it to me privately I will be happy to send you a map of the area and a road map of how to drive to it.

Open the RRC Map Viewer Click on the magnifying glass symbol/icon at the top of the page. A drop down menu will open. Select “Surveys” and a pop up box will appear. Select “Gaines” and fill in the information you have. Hit the “Query” button, and the map should open on the location of your minerals. Use the magnification bar on the left side of the map to zoom out for a better perspective.

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