Fayette and Lavaca County TX Oil Activity

I received one also. I told them to please re-submit with decent bonus.


Are you roughly in the same area as AW1, SE of Flatonia?

No. A167 east of Flatonia on Louis Herzik road, just south of the nurseries that are on Hwy 90.

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Thanks. It will be nice to see some new activity in that area. I believe Tri-C had a couple of decent wells just north of there and maybe they’re trying to get a piece of that now that prices are (were - I think we just dropped $10/bbl over the weekend) up.

Since it appears they’re working directly for the operator (rather than being a flipper only) I wouldn’t be surprised if you can get some play on a better bonus. Good luck to you.

Hope so. Hope to hear from them again this week.

While most of the new activity has been happening north of LaGrange targeting the Austin Chalk , Penn Virginia just permitted 4 wells 3 miles southwest of Flatonia targeting the Eagle Ford. They are the Ricartorn A, B, C & D.

Here’s the RRC link: Ricartorn A Well Permit

It will be interesting to watch both the initial and 6 month production figures to see what they’ve got here.

Ribeye- Thanks for posting the Ricartorn notice.

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