EOG replaces Charter Oil as Operator 17-07N-04W

Charter Oil was the operator for the Floyd 1 - 17 well until very recently when EOG took over as operator, and since has been working on drilling 3 horizontal wells. Once all of this is complete does our existing agreement with Charter Oil get picked up by EOG, and does it also include the new wells? Thank you for helping with this question.

In general, if the old well is still under production (secondary term), then the new wells will be held by the same terms as the old lease. Only caveat was if you had a depth clause and had a new lease for deeper horizons.

The good news is that EOG is a world class company! It is very much a good thing that they are doing these wells. No completion data has been published at OCC, yet. Does anyone have access to a database which shows completion info for the “Sturgell 0805” or “Sturgell 1720” wells?

Need the section, township and range for the Sturgell wells.

Yup, “Smartest Guys in the Room.”

Thank you everyone! This is new territory for us.

The Sturgell 0805 is in McClain 17-07N-04W. I mistakenly thought it was in Mary’s section. If you can see what it came in at that would be appreciated. I can’t find the completion report and it was drilled almost 6 months ago. But that’s probably normal.