Nighthawks, like the Warhawks just to the north started producing in Feb 2019 and are taking forever to get on pay. Saw that some owners on the Warhawks have finally been paid, so I talked to young lady at EOG today (in response to a complaint I filed with the the OCC yesterday) and essentially received the same message I have been getting for the last nine months, " the interests are so fractured and diverse that it is taking us longer than anticipated to get a final DO title opinion." She further told me that if I still haven’t received a DO or heard anything else within 60-90 days I should call again. That will be FIFTEEN MONTHS after first sales, with total reported production from the first four wells through last November of close to 1/2 MILLION BARRELS. By my guesstimate, EOG’s interest exposure alone is already $2 million + and growing daily. Why can’t they put the money to better use and hire a couple more title attorneys and get this wrapped up.

Would be interested to hear anyone’s comments.

Fred Morris

I wondered that same thing-the cost effectiveness of paying interest-and in this case-a great deal of interest. I am owed interest as well-but just keep reminding myself the delay is financially to my benefit. But where is the line drawn regarding timely payments to interest owners?

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