Division order


Linda, Is the Well Pad in the NE/4 of the NE/4. If so this could be the Lusitano 1-20-17LWH. I have been waiting for a Spud date notification on the OCC web site and have not seen one. This well was going north into S20 & S17.


Merry Christmas M. and thanks for the information on the Sierra 1-32-29WHX! Guess we can expect a little check about next June or so. Sounds good!


Yes, Cheryl, I believe that’s right. It’s the one we were watching for a while thinking it was ours but ours was padded in the section south of there (in 32 4n 3w.


Linda, Do you know if the Lusitano was ever started. I know that the permit expired on 10/18, but do not know if it was started before it expired. No spud docs shown on OCC website. Rimrock was the permitted operator.



What is the legal description for the Lusitano & I will look it up for you?


Lusitano 1-20-17LWH. S29 04N 03W, Permit approved 4/18/18 with Expiration Date of 10/18/18.


Cheryl: Doesn’t appear as though the well was spud. Rimrocks pooling for Section 20 expired on 12/18/18, if there has been no “operations” on the lands. My best guess is the section will be pooled again by Casillas Operating that seems to be the most active in that area.

Dates on permits don’t really mean anything because we don’t know when “operations begin”.

Let me known if this helps.


Cheryl, I went by the other day and they haven’t don’t anything since I went by several months ago. They have spent a lot of money building the big location and have it all graveled and fenced. The gate was locked but I could see a small red metal looking something in the middle. Don’t know if it was just a marker as to where the well was supposed to be started or what??? Sorry I don’t have better news for you.