Division Order in Texas

As a non-participating royalty owner for a pooled lease in Reagan County, Texas is there an easy way to get a copy of the division order? Our royalty proceeds are in suspense and the operator (Sable Permian) is sending the issue to court for impleader next week if the issue can not be resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Division orders are issued separately for each owner and are not filed of record. Several decades ago, division orders listed all owners but those were not filed of record either. You may be able to pull down the well ownership (total WI and individual royalty ownership decimals) from the county appraisal district. If you are heading to a courtroom, you need an attorney to represent you and the attorney can demand information from the oil company about the title, division orders, leases, etc. This is not a do-it-yourself enterprise.


Thank you for your help and explanation. I really appreciate it!

An interpleader action is generally performed when there is a question as to ownership. A title conflict.


Buddy Cotten

Thank you Buddy! They are calling it an impleader. Is that the same thing as an interpleader?

Impleader is the same thing.

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