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Clint, We show that we may have mi reals in Smith county according to my wife’s grandmothers will. It only states 1/2 Royalties in 54 acres - J.H. Sanders Survey A 974 Mith County , TX How can we find out more ? Find location? Her name was Edith A. Miller


Good Morning John. After checking the GIS map I do know that there have been a lot of leasing in the past year by Elm Grove Production about 5 miles to the East of A-974 but I don’t remember any leasing in your area. I live in Smith County. You will possibly have to have a landman check to see what minerals you actually own. You might be able to call the Smith County Clerks office and get some help.

Some of the producers in the area are Valence Operating Co., Tanos Exploration, Elm Grove Production and J-W Operating.

The location of your minerals are about 10 miles East of Tyler, Texas near Texas State Hiway 64.


Clint Liles


Thank you for your help. I will start working on this. Has this area been doing good in drilling? Is it a new area? What zones are they drilling into. Hortizontal drilling? Average barrels per day? A lot of questions. :smile: Thanks Clint. We have a landman working for us currently in other areas , so I will add it to the list. John


I forgot to mention Breitburn Operating and C W Resources are 2 other operators active to the East of your minerals. The targeted formations in this area is Pettit and Cotton Valley Sand and they are both vertical and horizontal wells being drilled. Most of these Cotton Valley wells are gas with condensate(very, very thin oil)(years ago we called it drip gas or casein head gas…sure did burn good in that ole flat head '53 Ford I had…souped up gasoline)This link is to production data on a gas well drilled and completed in 2015 by Tanos Exploration…the operator now is Breitburn Operating. To view all production data on this well manipulate the beginning ‘Date Range’ back to July 2015 and click ‘Search’.|2=11|3=2017|4=10|5=2018|103=278733|6=G|102=06|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0

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