Leases for Reeves County, Texas


January 12, 2019


January 15, 2019


January 19, 2019


I see where Colgate, Centennial, Apache, Oxy, and Primexx are acquiring leases in the Toyah Valley Grape and Cotton addition just to the southeast of me. They will be making MORE acquisitions in that area following Toyah creek, Sandy creek, Barilla and Coyanosa Draw across IH10 down to Hovey because they’ve determined the Wolfcamp staked shale plays go down to 22,000 feet along those fault lines those creeks follow. There’s many billions of barrels of oil and quads of gas to recover in that area of the Delaware basin.
So expect a lot more drilling in that area and a lot more gas and oil gathering pipelines there.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: