Considering selling, but recent drilling sales starting soon


Hi all! I don’t know if anyone here is able or willing to give me any advice, but I figured it’s worth a shot. I inherited a little over 6 acres in Blaine County from my father, sections 3 and 10-15N-13W. I know there has been activitiy in this area for awhile, and Continental Resources has drilled and I was told by them completion operations have already started and first sales should start this month. That kinda of sounds exciting but I don’t truly know what any of that means for me. I’ve had consistent offers to buy ever since they’ve been in my name, usually around $5000 an acre but the last few offers have jumped drastically, 9,500-12,000 per acre range. I am considering selling. At this point in my life a chunk of money would REALLY REALLY be life changing to be honest with you. I am 25, and life has always been a struggle but after losing my dad 3 years ago its been an emotional as well as financial burden, and this could give me a real start in life. The mineral rights were the only inheritance I got and I had to fight tooth and nail, legally to keep them out of the hands of other family members trying to extort them from me right after he passed. They were clearly laid out to me in the will, there was no disputing they were rightfully mine, it was just other people wanting a piece. Everything surrounding my minerals has been a battle because of untrustworthy people and i’m terrified of getting screwed over here. So if sales from the drill start soon, what could that mean? If I begin getting royalty checks, is it too late to sell then? I’m at a huge disadvantage with my lack of knowledge about this world, which is why I won’t do ANYTHING without consulting professionals who do, but I still want a better understanding for myself and what my options could be. I’d like to hear what some of you might do in this situation? And is there anyway I can find out more information for myself instead of pathetically begging for free advice?



My group would be interested in discussing some offers with you if you would like. Look forward to hearing from you


Hi there! Who are you with?


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Hold out if at all possible, the value is much greater that the offer. If you absolutely have no choice, then consider selling just a portion. It is never too late to sell, so hold off and see what kind of royalty checks occur. Usually the first check will be more when the well starts, so maybe its enough to allow you not to sell. Those offers keep getting bigger for a reason, there is much research behind those offers, so this is why everyone is raising the offers. DO NOT SELL!!! Feel free to contact me if you would like some direct conversation. Chuck at (478) ■■■■, just leave a message or text and I will get back to you.


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SD892: DON’T BLINDY SELL UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE!! This IS NOT the time - with prices ‘going up’!! You’re dad left you a gift that will possible give you more income T/O time, than what they will ever offer you even though, you may think it’s a lot of money, it’s only a ‘drop in the bucket’ of what you’re minerals may be worth later!! Keep in mind; I think I’ve heard that ‘the rule of thumb’ is that they normally only offer three times of what you’re getting in royalties or bonus money, can’t remember so would somebody, please help me out here - in how these buyer’s come up with their offers to buy??

If you’re not leased, you need to do a little research to find out what is going on around you (in the adjacent sections) by going onto the Oklahoma recorders site you can search using the ADVANCE SEARCH and entering your Township, Range and Section (TRS) to see the dates and what companies are leasing (if any) in your section OR, in the adjacent sections near you by entering their TRS . That should give you somewhat of an idea of how HOT/WARM/COOL your area is!! You can also, search further out sections, as well.

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If you ever do sell in Ohio we sell the land with or without the mineral rights or sell the land and only give 50% of the mineral rights. I peeled off five acres of my eighty and sold 50% of the mineral rights on the five acres. I have gas and oil on my land. Consider this so you always have a piece of the pie.