Blaine County, OK well results

On the list of completed wells in OK today, I saw a Blaine County well, completed in July of this year, reported 4168 Oil and 11889 Gas. This was a Continental well and one of three (I think) horizontal wells . That is quite a well!

Give us the S-T-R & we can give u what it is doing 5 months later.

Yes, I would like to know that also. The well is Reba Jo, 13 15N 11W, looks like location of well is 7-13-24 XHM API 35011241600000.

Gracie: I can only get production for August & September. Looks like some pretty good wells for initial production. Will see how steep the declines are.

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There are seven of the Reba Jo’s. Consider them all together as they are draining at the same time. Some are multi section and some are a single section.

The well completion report, Form 1002A, for each well will list the 24 hr potential for that well only.

And as an added note, the completion report should be taken as a general guide only. The well is still cleaning up. A 90 day rate is more indicative of performance.

Yes, however, likely a royalty owner will receive first payment prior to ninety days production being posted on the OCC website and, definitely, before it is posted on OTC.

Not likely these days. Generally takes all 180 days to get paid.

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My experience with all of our wells is that the company has taken almost all of the time allowed to them before they pay. I’ve received payment a week or two early but that’s about the most.

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