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Just wondering____ Are the members of the ARB elected by popular vote or appointed? Never seen names on a ballot,so the latter must be true,so by whom? Do they own property in the county,have other duties,answer to another branch of county government? Lots of honest questions because I am completely ignorant of the taxing process. Seems the 25 percent deduction is an admission the estimate was grossly inflated. As usual,thanks to the forum. Cj

Perhaps next year surface owners can jointly hire a land appraiser / realtor appraiser to value surface tracts in various parts of Reeves County. Then the owners would have their own comparable.

Tax Code Section 6.41(d) requires the appraisal district board of directors to appoint ARB members in counties with a population less than 120,000. The appraisal district board of directors determines the number of ARB members to serve on the ARB, with a statutory minimum of three members I did visit with the interim chief appraiser on the phone a few weeks ago. We never got our proper appraisal notice and I raised issues with the fact that a single sale for some land (smaller tract) for $500 per acre was sufficient to raise our appraisal to that same value for essentially scrub land. He seemed to indicate in such a situation, that sale was sufficient. It has been a while since we visited, but I know he put a lot of emphasis on their hands are tied in some ways by the state and the state is pressing that if the valuations don’t meet guidelines, that taxing entities (the school district) stands to lose state funds.

Thanks for the info. Surely answered a lot of questions I had. I lived in Winkler county 32 years and paid taxes on dwellings. Seems the process hasn’t changed a lot. Still, property owners pay for the benefits all enjoy.Goes back to my first post mentioning the population increase of non tax payers. I have,as others, been of the opinion the only fair tax is collected on goods and services. Thanks again to the forum.Cj

Permian Mineral Tax Consultants (AKA: Texas Mineral Tax Consultants)

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86% was in Midland and 14% was in Upton county so they had to do both counties.

They saved me 20% and the cost was 35% of savings.

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Tax rates have been set. They lowered tax rates approximately 6%, but increased appraised values by how much? In my case, my final appraised value went up 462% and with the “lower tax rates” my taxes increased 429%! Huge shift of tax burden from someone / some entities to folks like me. Sure would love to see the total appraised value increase in the county, the total projected tax revenue at these new rates, and how the tax burden per property class (like the NBHD400 vs Commercial vs Residential) shifted. Resetting appraisals was overdue, but this was poorly executed in my opinion.

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