Appraisal of mineral rights

Hi everyone. Can anyone recommended who could do an appraisal for mineral rights in a main County? I. need one for tax purposes. Much appreciated!!!


It depends on the state that your minerals are located in. You should consider messaging Terrel Shields or Gary L Hutchinson, both respected members of this forum.

I will be happy to give you a quote. I do IRS-compliant mineral appraisals in many states. However, I may be costly, since I am a Certified Minerals Appraiser and have to follow many standards. I have been around since the 1990's (and stayed out of jail).


John B. Gustavson

John, I am a Enrolled Agent/tax pro interested in passing on your contact information to clients who want or need appraisals. If this would meet your approval.please let me know how best to do that.

Regards, Heather Ellis

Best way to find me and other Certified Minerals Appraisers is to look in the Directory on the website of the Certifying Institute, namely the International Institute of Minerals Appraisers at

There are many qualified appraisers listed. Regards John G

Thanks, John. Much appreciated.


For some reason can’t get that link to work. How about checking it.

It seems to be a secure website, try the url below.

Thanks. First link that was posted was missing the “s” on appraisers.