Antero Oil and Gas Ellsworth District Muddy Creek Tyler County West Virginia

My ancestors from my Mothers, paternal & maternal side came into West Virginia back in the middle 1600’s coming down through the Cumberland and Appalachian Mountains as explorers and mappers.

Then in the late 1600’s to early 1700’s they started the track back to what is now called West Virginia. Some Tomahawked there land boundaries in the counties we know as of today as Tyler, Doddridge, Wetzel, Kanawha, Monongalia, Harrison, Lewis,.

Now I find Myself fighting to keep our Ancestral Mineral Rights and Service Rights. First it was StatOil , then EQT and now we have Antero. My mom had 7 kids 5 Sons and 2 daughters. All but 4 of us have received Antero Contracts and the reasoning behind is due to the fact Antero has ownership of our original Mineral Right Agreements and are trying to use them. That had a 5 year period from 2015 to 2020.

The land in Tyler County is under 3rd Great Grandfather Robert P. Anderson & Mary Weekly( Anderson) 2nd Great Grandfather Thomas D. Anderson & Rachel P. Keller (Anderson) Great Grandfather Robert Greer “Bud” Anderson & Ollie M. Swiger (Anderson), 2nd Great-Granduncle David Edgar Anderson

We do know that Alliance drilled the Oil and Gas Well and then capped it. I have taken a photo copy of the Antero Agreement that I received my youngest sister to Oil and Gas law firm here in Texas and they crossed out all the clause and said for my family to renegotiate for a new agreement with protection added for the Heirs. Has anyone else here from Tyler ran into the same problems with Antero?

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We are in the McElroy District if Tyler county. We didn’t sign the contracts and now they are just going through anyways.

Did you try to renegotiate your contract?

In process now we have land in Marion county not sure how close to you

I called the guy today. Haven’t heard back. We didn’t sign because we didn’t know we could without having all four signatures. Our land is caught up in an estate at the moment.

The one thing you need to understand about mineral rights Leases there are clause set up to protect the Oil and Gas company and not the Heirs. Here what I have come across in ours : this is the response I sent Antero: You have what is called a Catch 22 agreement attached to this Antero new Mineral Rights Agreement that none of the Heirs of Dora Olive Parker are not going to agree too: A) Automatic Extended Indefinite clause after the 5-year agreement for Oil and Gas, B) Post Production Expenses and Cost, C) Title Issues, D) Interest & taxes paid by Mineral Rights Heirs, E) Antero or Affiliates Can sell the Mineral Rights to a second or third party,

This is what I asked for in the renegotiation: We want a No Warranty Of Title Clause that shows our ownership of mineral rights or a Special Warranty Of Title Clause that doesn’t make any promises, we also want a Hold Harmless Clause for the Mineral Rights Heirs under our Mother Dora Olive Parker, we are also requesting a Marcellus Shale Formation Limit

Subject: Antero has until June 11, 2021 to respond: Renegotiation of Antero Mineral Rights Agreement Contract Dated May 26, 2021, 2nd Great Grandfather Thomas D. Anderson 10.25 acres Muddy Creek Ellsworth District Tyler County West Virginia & Great Grandfather Robert Greer Anderson 10.25 acres Muddy Creek, Ellsworth District Tyler County West Virginia

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