Amite County MS Unsolicited Offer for minerals

Family received an Offer to Purchase Oil & Gas Interest from Lincoln Energy. I don’t know what info is pertinent to ask questions, or even what questions to ask, but… The offer is $500/nma and says the mineral interest is currently estimated to contain 580 nma. (Is this what she owns alone or is this the total nma between any and everyone else who owns some of this tract?). She really doesn’t know what she owns, it was passed down to her several years ago. She says she been receiving $50-150/yr in recent years.
Several tracts are listed…Amite County, MS T1N, R4E Sec 2: sw4 nw4 Sec 2: ne4 nw4 Sec 3: all

T2N, R4E S29: e2 se4 S29: n2 ne4 S41: sw4 nw4 S30: se4 ne4 S24: nw4 ne4

T1N, R6E S32: w2 sw4

I’m sure the offer is low??? How would we value this? Is there Any other info needed that I’ve left out? Any help would be very appreciated.

I see you didn’t get a response here. I have a similar question for our rights in another county. Did you ever find out what it was worth?

@Memrem1223 find the appropriate county for your situation and create a Topic there.

MRF Administration

No. Never did get any help on this.

I would have liked to have helped but haven’t had an offer to sell only to lease once in 2012 from encana and last August from Australias oil my minrals are located at t2n r3e sections 21,35,+36 they have also been inculded in four Wells that have been permited the May1+2 and the taggert 1+2 holes now just praying they will drill ! Good luck

PS I would think 2500/nma sounds more reasonable

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The mississippi oil and gas board, is were you may find info on that property you have.

See this page for the MS Oil and Gas Board site: Oil & Gas State Regulatory Agencies

Any new activity on leasing? I believe once oil prices get back to $100 ppb, things will pickup 2021.

Welcome to the forum.
I think it will take a while for oil to get back to $100/bbl. Hope I am wrong. Various areas with good economics are starting to pick up-parts of the Permian in TX, Anadarko basin in OK.