Activity in 2n2w

Anyone hear whether Rimrock has fraced the MCCAA or Herrin Wells?

It appears that Rimrock may be drilling the wells but not fracing any of them in 2N 2W. You won't get paid royalties until after they frac and start selling oil and gas. You may not see completion reports filed at the OCC anytime soon either.

If they frac and get good results, that will affect the bonus on new leases. Rimrock has applications now for a MUH Well in 36 2N 2W and 1 1N 2W.

MCCAA 1-30-19H is a horizontal well, you can tell by the H in the well name. It spud in in the SW corner of 30 on the west side and goes north into 19 (also hiding in the well name) and ends in the far NW corner of 19. You can look up the well records on the OCC website listed below. Type in 3002N02W in the well location box. When the completion report is posted, it will be there. Form 1002A.

For the Herrin 1-32-29H well, do the same thing, but type in 3202N02W in the location box. Completion report will be posted there some day. The Herrin location is in the SW corner of 32 on the west side of the section and runs north along the west side and ends in the far SW corner of 29. The location of both of these wells leaves room for quite a few more wells in the future, so don't be tempted by sales offers.

Once those wells are completed, you will be held by your original lease as long as they or any subsequent well keeps producing without an agreed break in time (usually 90 - 180 days). These wells are predicted to last for decades, so make sure you leave your heirs really good files.

You lease terms dictate whether someone else can drill. Usually, the original operator will be in control of the section unless they sell it to someone else who wants to drill other zones. It can all be worked out.

I heard Rimrock started fracing in Section 32 this morning.

Thanks for the info Darla.

The scuttlebutt is that the Herrin 1-32-29H well has been frac'd, and Rimrock is in the process of recovering the flow-back water.

Any news from PV folks?