27-9-5 any information


Yeah! We actually got a check for the WTB Cattle 1H!! You mentioned two new wells WHB Cattle 7-9-5 2H and 3H. Any idea how I could find production numbers?

Also you mentioned two pending wells can you tell me how I could get more information about those? Am I understanding correctly that there would more wells in addition to the 2H and 3H?


2H and 3H are the two new wells that should be in pay status soon. The production may not be posted yet, but it will eventually end up at the OK Tax site.Gross Production

Both of the wells are posted in sec 18 09N 05W. First sales are listed, but they are way behind in production numbers.


that makes sense! Thank You. I was able to locate the production information for those wells in section 18.

Just to be clear, you don’t know of any other proposed wells? Just the 2H and 3H?


All that I know of for the moment. Things change all the time.