18-4-4 Intent?


I am confused by some intent to drill notices in a publication today. Can anyone tell me if 18-4-4 is in on any of the drilling for royalty or just a drilling pad site ? I see 17 and 8 in the same mix, Thanks.


Lanny: Appears as though Sec. 18-4N-4W is only a pad site for 2 wells to be drilled in and through Sections 17 & 8, one for Woodford & one for Sycamore (Mississippi).

Be patient & they will get to section 18 before long.

Todd M. Baker


Thanks Todd ! A friend owns a few mineral acres in 18, and any revenue will come in very handy.


We are seeing 2 rigs in the distance from our home in section 28 4n4w which I am assuming are the two wells that Todd spoke of on section 18 4n4w but I’m not sure about their location. We can see them better when we drive into Lindsay from Chickasha. They are close together and we have noticed them for a couple of weeks now.


If you confirm that those rigs are padded in 18-4-4, but actually drilling in other secions, and not 18, please let me know.