1099 Discrepancy on Royalty Payments

I compared the amounts I actually received (stubs) with amount on 1099 and there is approximately $300 difference. Received a check from TRP Energy each month except for Sept, so am thinking that one check may have been lost in the mail.
I’ve tried calling TRP and have sent them an email explaining my concern with no reply. What else can I do?

Report it. Not enough to fret over.

I have asked our accountants a similar question. If the 1099 is higher than what we think we received, we report the higher number to the IRS to keep things running smoothly. Then we go back to the operator and try to figure out if there is a missing check and get it re-issued.

We had one year that we had missing checks from a particular month which we didn’t figure out until the 1099’s came out-they weren’t all that large to worry about. A mail truck was stuck in a parking lot in another state until the Christmas rush. The missing checks showed up in late December and January along with the Christmas mail. It happens…

You might consider getting USPS informed delivery for your area which will download every day and that way you have a better idea as to what is expected that day in the mail…up to 5 business days later.

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