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Amendment Approved to Drill-12/21/2016 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-12/07/2016 (2)
Amendment Pending Approval-11/29/2016 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-11/14/2016 (2)
Amendment Approved to Drill-11/04/2016 (2)
Amendment Pending Approval-10/24/2016 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-10/19/2016 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-09/27/2016 (2)
Drilling Permit Submitted Pending Approval-09/19/2016 (2)
Completion Report (2)
Completion Report (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-11/24/2015 (2)
Drilling Permit Submitted Pending Approval-11/18/2015 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-11/06/2015 (2)
Amendment Submitted Pending Approval-11/02/2015 (2)
Completion Reports (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-08/18/2015 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-08/06/2015 (2)
Drilling Permit Submitted Pending Approval-08/06/2015 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-07/29/2015 (2)
Drilling Permit Submitted Pending Approval-07/21/2015 (2)
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Amended Permit Approved to Drill-06/09/2015 (2)
Drilling Permit Submitted Pending Approval-06/05/2015 (2)
Permit Approved to Drill-06/01/2015 (2)