Why can't I post in the archives?


How do I post a question directly in the McClain County OK Oil and gas Discussion Archives… I cannot figure out how to post a reply or discussion directly into this topic; McClain County, OK - Oil & Gas Discussion


Hi, @Michelle_Riggs! I have two answers. First, you can click the “reply” link on any post, it looks like this: (Which will be confusing, since this is a picture of it!)


But in our research on making this move, we are going to recommend that rather than have over 700 messages in a meandering topic that discussion will be better and easier to find in searches–both on the site and from Google–if each topic is about a single idea.

Please visit McClain County, OK - Mineral Rights Forum category and click the “new topic” button at the upper right to start a new, more targeted topic. It’s not obvious at first, but you can click the icon next to “new topic” to “watch” the category to make sure that you don’t miss anything.


To continue a conversation in a closed topic (as all of the old archives are), you can click the :link: icon and then click the “new topic”

Thanks for asking!


I go there but neither the tracking button, or the new topic button is active… I have not “joined the group” as the FAQ’s state, but i cannot find ANY information or links on how to join a group… very confusing


Thanks, Michelle. This is on my list.